Leave The Walls White

February 7, 2013

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White: it is both highly revered and highly disdained as a wall color depending on who you talk to. I was watching House Hunters the other day and listening to a wife condemn her husband’s taste in decorating because, “You would be happy to just leave the walls white!” She shouted this shrilly as if it were an absolutely unheard of abomination. Cue me talking to the TV: “Lady, just shut up.” Because seriously why does white get such a bad rap here in the States? Everyone seems to think that a white wall is an unfinished wall. I will tirelessly campaign in favor of white walls. When done right, they are timeless, modern, and the perfect backdrop.


Ah, beautiful simplicity. Do you have a family photograph, a piece of paper you can blot ink on, some drinking glasses, four books, and a bush you can pluck a few leaves from? Then you too can have beautiful simplicity. I’m not suggesting you copy this exactly but do take to heart how uncomplicated (and inexpensive) styling your home can be.

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I. Love. Portraits. Need some more personality in a room? How about some literal personality in the form of a life captured by an artist in pen or paint? It could be someone famous (like Earnest Hemingway here), someone you know, or a figment of the artist’s imagination. As long as the subject’s expression or body language or something in their eyes grabs you and speaks to you. Add in some fabulous Mid-Century decor and put it against a white wall and I’m a very happy girl.

one // via weekday carnival
two // photo by Petra Bindel for Muuto via From Scandinavia with love
three // photo by Alexi Hobbs for dwell via dustjacket attic

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  • Reply mewling-quim February 7, 2013 at 12:23 pm

    I’ll admit, I’m not a huge fan of white walls, but I certainly think you need at least some of them in a home. You can’t have a house bursting with colors in every room.

    Also: love the Hemingway portrait. You and I have discussed how if I were to have a portrait in my home (which I’d like to have someday) it would have to be of a famous person whose life or work means something to me. I’d love to have a portrait of Jules Verne, or Kurt Vonnegut, or…Joss Whedon… Why does it suddenly get strange when the person is still alive?

    • Reply Christina Ebbers February 7, 2013 at 12:31 pm

      I think it’s perfectly fine to not have white walls in your home if you’re not a fan. It doesn’t suit everyone’s style. My hope is mostly just that people stop condemning white walls as unfinished or tasteless. It is an excellent option!

      And I knew you would love the Hemingway portrait. 🙂 I think it would be so incredibly quirky awesome if you had like an enormous portrait of Joss Whedon in your home. Like in the style of the portrait from this post. Oh that makes me giggle. You must do this.

      • Reply mewling-quim February 7, 2013 at 12:33 pm

        Oh my god this must happen. I need an artist to commission to do this. Any suggestions?

      • Reply Christina Ebbers February 7, 2013 at 1:07 pm

        You could definitely find someone on Etsy to commission for a portrait. It isn’t going to be cheap, especially if you really want a huge one, haha. I did a quick search. This artist will make a custom 16 x 20 painting for $380 plus $37 shipping. This guy looks very talented but even more expensive. Here’s one more that specializes in custom portraits. Basically if you’re serious about it just search “custom portrait” and browse until you find someone talented enough and in your price range!

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