Neutral Kitchens in Gray & Brown

February 11, 2013

Neutral Kitchens in Gray & Brown (

Using a liberal amount of color in the kitchen seems to be a trendy move (though only attempted by the bravest of homeowners). While I applaud this bold move, I find it a little troublesome. Color is a very personal thing, and our own tastes in color can change so easily over time. I used to hate pink, but now I love it. I used to love orange, but now I’d only use it sparingly. Whereas gray or silver are much less likely to offend anyone over the long haul. The above gray kitchen is almost entirely monochromatic and yet it has oodles of personality because of the interesting accessories and artwork.

Neutral Kitchens in Gray & Brown (

In particular the use of brightly colored kitchen cabinets à la the Kitchen Cousins makes me concerned that the owner will grow weary of it in time. This coming from the girl whose main beef with the world of Interior Design is its fixation on being “timeless” instead of just choosing what makes you happy. Yes, yellow cabinets may make you happy. But kitchen cabinets are expensive and built-in, not the kind of thing you can switch out easily when the mood strikes. Why not bring in yellow with flowers or a dish set or artwork?

Perhaps I’m playing it too safe with this opinion, but I think many of you might agree. Sticking with a neutral base for the main components of a design and bringing in the pizzazz with smaller, more exchangeable items leaves you able to change up the style and color palette of a room very easily.

Neutral Kitchens in Gray & Brown (

I’m pretty head over heels for this kitchen with its white subway tile, medium-brown wood cabinets, and of course stainless steel appliances. This looks a lot like a kitchen I would design for myself had I the opportunity. Don’t forget the copper pots!

Another option besides typical neutrals like black, gray, white, and brown would be a near neutral. A near neutral is a color that has had darker pigments added to it. This tones it down and makes it more likely to be something you could live with for many years. Paul Anater has an excellent article on Houzz that explains near neutrals and how they can “add the feel of a color without adding the weight of a color.” Check out the article for examples!

one // via desire to inspire
two // Mona Gundersen via 79 ideas
three // Photographed by Donna Griffith for House & Home via my ideal home

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