Boldly Colorful Bathrooms

February 15, 2013

bathroom021513 01

The bathrooms I am typically drawn to are very neutral, with a lot of white. But every once in a while a vibrantly colorful bathroom wins me over. This first one is the kind of space that I’d love to visit, however it’s a bit much for my own home. But I will take that rug off your hands pretty pretty please.

bathroom021513 02

Now this is something I could handle. A wall full of cheerful blue tile makes this bathroom anything but dull. I typically don’t really favor traditional design, but throw in a ridiculously ornate old piece like this mirror in the middle of an otherwise modern room and I’m entranced.

bathroom021513 03

Get a load of this. Bet you didn’t see that coming. Would anyone ever see this coming? That is why it’s so awesome. Completely unexpected and utterly brazen. It is designs like this that shake me out of my preconceptions about what “works”. Thinking outside the box can produce breathtaking results. Now admittedly I personally would not want this wall treatment in my home, but perhaps a similarly vibrant wallpaper would suit me, and I’d work those brass and black fixtures all day long.

one // designed by Patricia Urquiola, photographed by Manolo Yllera for Vogue
two // photographed by Roger Davies via desire to inspire
three // the home of Julia Muggenburg for NY Times via Savvy Home

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