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Comfort Is A Priority

February 18, 2013

Creating a visually beautiful home is a worthy cause. Duh. That’s why we all pour over pretty interior design images on the interwebs all day. (By “we” I mean “me”, and possibly a few of you lovely readers.) It’s important though to remember that form follows function. The form of a sofa may be striking to the eye, but if it’s not comfortable to lounge on, the point has been missed entirely.

Comfort Is A Priority (

Innovative and imaginative? Yes. Something I want to sit on? No. Designer Daan Mulder actually calls this the Form Follows Function Sofa. I have to believe that name was given ironically. This is an extreme example, but there are plenty of less obvious instances of furniture that looks nice but probably wouldn’t pass a comfort test. Here are some rooms that you could sink right into.


I am really not a beanbag fan, but these adult-sized guys in neutral colors seem to fit in just fine in this lovely modern room. I’m also not a big leather fan but doesn’t that sofa look so cozy? The addition of a few soft pillows and a blanket add up to a room where comfort is clearly a priority.


This is so bright and welcoming. I immediately imagine lounging on the sofa, reading a book in the afternoon sun. Rugs are another element that can be used to cozy-up a room in a big way.

living021813 03

I love this living room for many reasons, one of which is definitely the extremely comfortable looking sectional. This is how you do comfort with style, folks. Also that chandelier needs to get in my house.

one // Bolaget via nicety
two // styled by Martin Bourne, photographed by William Waldron for Elle Decor via 79 ideas
three // designed by Chelsea Hing, photographed by Nik Epifanidis via the design files

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