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Dining Rooms With One Dominant Color

February 20, 2013

dining021913 01shrink

For a really snazzy effect, try creating a room with a neutral backdrop and only one color thrown into the mix. There’s something very sophisticated about a limited color palette, and yet it’s far from boring if you choose something exciting like the above purple chairs.

dining021913 02

Here again the chairs have been given a vibrant color while the rest of the room is kept quieter. The idea that yellow is a “happy” color is a cliché but it sure does seem to ring true in this room. I think it would be much duller looking otherwise!

dining021913 03

How about this for using one dominant color? In this case we’ve ditched the neutral backdrop and gone all deliciously monochromatic with a deep beautiful blue. For those who are familiar with the term monochromatic, it may tend to have a slightly negative connotation, conjuring up images of beige-on-beige color schemes and a lack of dynamic and visual interest.

But monochromatic design doesn’t always have to be that way. While it can be taken to an extreme to mean literally only one color, a more complete way of looking at it is that a monochromatic color palette includes any number of variations in lightness and saturation of one color. We see this at work in the above dining room where there are many versions of blue ranging from blue-black to a light teal. So yes it’s all blue, but it’s anything but dull. It’s easy for the eye to look at such a well blended palette. Plus, blue is lovely and calming and an enduring favorite. I love everything about this dining room. I have swooned over dark blue walls like this for a long time now. Hopefully some day I’ll have one of my own!

one // Adelto via nicety
two // Maurício Arruda via desire to inspire
three // Michael Graydon via desire to inspire

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