Decorating Dressers

February 21, 2013

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Decorating surfaces like the tops of dressers is not as easy as it looks, but can be super rewarding and fun. There’s a fine line between “cluttered” and “curated”. There are so many wonderful examples to study like the ones I’ve featured here today. Simple objects like books, flowers, and candlesticks can make a home really feel lived in.

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Love the light fixtures used here. If you’re like me, you eat up inspiration like this but then feel so inept when trying to decorate your own home. I do have some little vignettes that I’m happy with, but for every square foot that I like there’s 100 square feet that are lacking a real sense of style. There are too many areas that look empty and unfinished. I could use some more furniture with surfaces to decorate, like these dressers or side tables or a credenza.

Then the key I think is to edit, edit, edit. Over the last few years I have accumulated a decent amount of decorative pieces and knick-knacks, but I need to be careful to make sure these objects actually make sense together, rather than just throwing things in and hoping for the best. I also want to avoid keeping something that I don’t love just to fill space. Every object should mean something to me, be that it is functional, beautiful, or sentimental.

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Decorating a home is (happily) a perpetual process. It should never really be “done” as your tastes may change along with the seasons and pieces will need to be rearranged and swapped out. I’m excited to keep learning and keep experimenting and keep finding inspiration!


William Morris Quote Print by Lisa Congdon on Etsy.

one // via Savvy Home
two // Elle Decor via Emily Henderson
three // Style at Home via my ideal home

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