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Inexpensive Floor Lamps – $80 and Under

February 27, 2013

The other day my sister explained to me that the floor lamp in her bedroom had stopped working and that she was having a hard time deciding how to replace it. She asked for my help in tracking down some really inexpensive options.

This was not easy. I have expensive tastes. Originally she asked for something around $40 but said they’d be willing to go up to $80 if necessary, but absolutely no higher. So when I found lovely $120 lamps that I knew were perfect for her style, I had to pass them on by. Painful!

If you need a floor lamp for really dirt cheap, online shopping may not be your best bet. Check out local thrift stores as well as mega-stores like Target where you can find something (not very attractive) for as low as $13. Target also has more attractive options in the $50 range. Keep in mind that when you’re shopping at these low prices, you’re likely going to sacrifice some quality. I personally have two floor lamps that I couldn’t have paid over $25 for… and I hate them. So even if money is really tight, it might be worth it to bump the budget up even just to $50 or so.

Four of the below options are from IKEA. They’re pretty much the go-to for really cheap stuff that doesn’t look like really cheap stuff. I own the table lamp version of the first lamp pictured, the ALÄNG, and I love it!

Click on any lamp to be taken to the product page!

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Note that these prices are rounded and subject to change. A lot of these lamps are only available in stores or currently out of stock. Sorry about that. Like I said above, online shopping may not be your best bet when shopping in this low price bracket for floor lamps. Shopping in person may also give you a chance to physically handle a lamp before purchasing, which can give you a good idea of its quality. Feel free to add in the comments your own inexpensive floor lamp finds!


World Market's Crosby Metal Tray Floor Lamp



World Market's Oval Shelf Floor Lamp

Lite Source Funktions Floor Lamp


Stills Brushed Steel Floor Lamp
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