White Walls In Kids’ Rooms

February 28, 2013

kids022813 01

And thousands of parents across the globe cried out, “You’re crazy!” Maybe I am a little bit. Or just naive, since I don’t have kids yet. But I’ve seen plenty of examples on the internet of lovely, functional kid’s rooms with white walls. And we all know the internet doesn’t lie. Sure, the walls may look dirty faster. I don’t think I would mind an obvious cue that I need to wash the walls more often. And honestly, crayon and dirt and god-knows-what will show up nearly as quickly on your baby-blue or beige or whatever walls. Won’t it?

kids022813 02

If I’ve sold you on that, the next concern might be that white walls in a children’s room is too, well… white. Colorless. Kid’s rooms are an opportunity to go a little crazy with color, but all that crazy does not have to be from the wall color. In fact, if you’ve got a veritable rainbow of toys and books and decor in your little one’s room, a white backdrop can work wonders to keep it from looking like a circus on acid.

kids022813 03

All three of the rooms featured here have white walls with colorful accessories to keep it feeling playful and young. It works, I tell you! At least that’s what the internet tells me. 🙂

one // the home of Emma Persson Lagerberg via my ideal home
two // the home of Melanie Blodgett via Design*Sponge
three // photo by Joe Pugliese via Dwell

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