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Which BAGGU should I get?

March 1, 2013



BAGGU offers a variety of totes, backpacks, and pouches, and the above nylon bags seem to be their specialty. They are simple but durable, the perfect type of bag for taking to the grocery store. And only $9.00! (With $5 flat rate shipping in the U.S.) Even cheaper if you buy 3 or more.

I take a second bag (the first being my purse) to work with me to carry a few miscellaneous items. I’ve been using one of those reusable grocery bags they sell at the store, of the bright green Meijer variety. The other day I saw someone walking around with one of the very same bags, and it struck me how… unrefined this looked. Haha.

So I decided it would be worthwhile to find something a little nicer, and my mind went straight to BAGGU. The real joy is that they come in every color of the rainbow and in several patterns. Help me decide which of the above styles to get! Or you could browse their shop and suggest a different color if you want to make my decision more difficult.

UPDATE 3/2: Well the decision was unanimous! I was already leaning towards Navy Dot so you guys made things really easy for me by voting exclusively for that color. 🙂

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