It’s Your Home: Do What You Want

March 15, 2013

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I’ve said before that I take issue with the mantra “Good design is timeless.” Yes, timelessness is a worthy goal and can create the most beautiful spaces. But should such an emphasis be placed on timelessness? Should it be our driving force, the deciding factor in all our design choices? I submit the following mantra for your consideration: “Good design makes one happy.”

Isn’t that exciting? It’s like a cloud has been lifted and suddenly we have the freedom to just do whatever makes us smile! This isn’t throwing out functionality or practicality, since those things are certainly important to your happiness. But it is throwing out the idea that our colors should be neutral and our furniture should be simple and our decor should be impersonal etc, etc.

Do you think a designer preoccupied with timelessness would ever place a little letter “b” on your books like in the above photo? Probably not, but if it’s meaningful to the homeowner, that  is all that matters and that is what makes a home.

detail031513 02

Emily Henderson knows what I’m talking about. She of course is so magically talented that she effortlessly mixes personality with timelessness. The above shot is from her home office. In a space that has to hold a lot of her rotating styling props and also serve as an inspirational environment for her, this charming display is perfect.

detail031513 03

Someone may tell you not to paint that table coral pink. And that someone would never know how fun it is to have a coral pink side table. What else are we doing if we’re not striving for spaces that will make our lives happier? Ignore the naysayers and do what makes you smile!

one // the home of Melanie Blodgett, photographed by Sugar Photography, via Design*Sponge
two // photographed by Kimberly Genevieve via Emily Henderson
three // Adore Home magazine via desire to inspire

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