Multistory Beauty

March 18, 2013

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Usually I’m pretty fixated on lovely interiors, but occasionally the exterior of a home sweeps me off my feet. I am not a city girl. Don’t think I ever will be. But if anything could sway me it might be absolutely gorgeous multistory façades like this one. Where does one begin describing all the beautiful things about this London building? The most striking thing to me is the wonderful sharp contrast between the white paint and the warm brick. All that architectural detail is just amazing.

exterior031813 02

Here’s a totally different kind of multistory dwelling. I can just imagine how nice it would be to drive up to this French home. I am a huge fan of climbing vines and greenery in general, and the abundant plant life on this building is really what makes it. It would be so different, much more bland and unwelcoming, if it weren’t for the plants.

exterior031813 03

What beautiful surroundings this South Carolinian home has. Normally I’m not so drawn to the flat-fronted colonial look, but this one oozes plenty of charm. If you had to live in one of these three homes, which would you choose? I’m torn between this one and the second one. With a different color on the shutters I’d probably pick the second.

one // via Roost
two // D.mesure via desire to inspire
three // Historic Charleston Foundation via Savvy Home

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