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Results – Design Voice Survey #25

March 22, 2013

Here are the results for the survey of this room:


The home of Bri Emery, photographed by Laure Joliet, designed by Emily Henderson.

What is your gut reaction to this image?


Would you ever choose to decorate in this style?

An interesting split in opinions here: 47% definitely or probably not, 53% possibly or absolutely.

There’s a lot of Mid-Century style furniture here. What do you think of that look?


How much do you like or dislike these aspects of the room?

Vibe: The most popular aspect with 67% liking or loving it.
Floor Plan: Mostly neutral with a lean towards liking it.
Color Palette: All over the board; both hated and loved.

What parts do you like?

Here are the pieces in the room organized by what percentage of us like them.
I forgot to include the rug in this question!
It was mentioned by several of you as something you like.


If you could change something about this room, what would it be?

The larger the word, the more it was mentioned as something to change.
The most common concern was that it is too much of the same Mid-Century style.


If you could keep for yourself something from this room, what would it be?



Okay so I’m gonna be honest. I freaking love this room and I did not think you guys would find so much fault in it. Two of my most favoritest people came together to create it: Bri Emery (the homeowner) and Emily Henderson (the designer). It is cheerful, bright, trendy, colorful, inviting, and exciting. I dig it hard.

But… I can understand some of the things that were pointed out as less than perfect. Though most of us do love Mid-Century style furniture, it is just slightly odd to have a room in 2013 be pretty much completely furnished in that style. There are many more photos of the room in which you can see some more current pieces mixed in. Like the gold side table in the foreground for example would not qualify as Mid-Century. And in general I think the upholstery choices are very up-to-date which helps to bring it into the 21st century.

Another qualm some readers had was that it’s a bit visually busy: lots of objects and lots of color. The thing is… that fits Bri and Emily’s personality perfectly. They’re both super creative young women who love vintage and love color. I honestly can’t say what I would change if was my own home. I love it. Let me know in the comments what you think!

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