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Decorating a Classy Bedside Table

April 24, 2013

detail032413 01

How pleased as punch was I to see I’d squirreled away three beside table shots perfectly coordinated for a blog post without meaning to at all. Winning. The nightstand is as much an important functional piece as it is an opportunity to create an aesthetic vignette. The above room feels quite traditional, but it’s not at all stale. Perhaps you could call this “new” traditional. It’s very stately thanks to the classical column motif in both the table legs and lamp base. And I love that beautiful dark and golden finish on the table.

detail032413 02

Again, more traditional than I usually like. (I think I have Gabby of Savvy Home to thank for exposing me to the potential of this style.) Doesn’t the fabric hung behind the bed look so irresistibly soft and luxurious? I want. To touch it. And while the art itself doesn’t really speak to me, I love love love the little gallery wall with gold frames and a frame light to boot. So classy.

detail032413 03

Still some definite traditional influences here with paisley wallpaper and a tufted headboard. I love the scaled-down size of the nightstand, which is truly all some people need. I greatly desire a cute little plant like that. And of course, a portrait of a dog with glasses and a bow tie does an excellent job of giving the room a playful personality. Love it.

one // Bunny Williams, photographed by Trevor Tondro for the NY Times via Savvy Home
two // Alexa Hampton, photographed by Trevor Tondro for the NY Times via Savvy Home
three // Skona Hem via nicety

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