Super Classy Neutral Kitchens

May 9, 2013

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Super Classy Neutral Kitchens | | Featured on

Oh so slick and shiny! Love the modern cabinetry and dark wood tone. The waterfall countertop is a winner in my book. Are you familiar with that term, waterfall countertop? It refers to the way the counter material extends over the edge and to the floor. It’s a luxurious look, even more so with my beloved white marble.

Super Classy Neutral Kitchens | | Featured on

This is a well stocked kitchen! I’m a fan of the simple black countertop paired with white. I don’t think I could or should ever have a liquor stash like that, but this is the way to display it if you do! Notice how high those shelves are; far from a child’s reach.

Super Classy Neutral Kitchens | | Featured on

This is my favorite. Of course you know I love the marble. I also like the creamy paint color and the beautiful tile floor. Sometimes busy patterns like that don’t work for me. In fact it’s possible if I saw the whole room I might find it a little overwhelming. But in this shot anyway I think it’s lovely. I also love the not stainless steel oven. Stainless is not the only option when upgrading your appliances!

oneAtmosphere Interior Design via nicety
two | designed by Adam Hunter via desire to inspire
three | Skona Hem via 79 ideas

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  • Reply Patent Attorney August 6, 2013 at 12:57 pm

    Impeccable, so beautiful! Shows you don’t always need to overcompensate in your decorating!

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