Big Glass Showers

Big Glass Showers | | via

I love a big shower. I’ve taken like two baths in my whole life, so I really could care less if my bathroom has a tub (though I see the value of having at least one in the house if there’s going to be young children). The above shower is heavenly to me. Black and white, sleek and shiny, and oh so luxurious. I want to plonk some flowers on that counter but otherwise this is a dream come true.

Big Glass Showers | | via

Here’s a totally different style that still utilizes a glass shower box. I dig that rug.

Big Glass Showers | | via

Finally, the kind of bathroom most of us can only dream about. It’s the ultimate getaway with massive amounts of natural light and serene plant life. Do you like glass showers like these? I hear people say the glass is a pain to keep clean, but I feel like a shower curtain can’t be much better. What do you think?

one | Jamie Herzlinger via dustjacket attic
twoSteven Sclaroff via Savvy Home
three | Builder Online via The Beautiful Soup


  1. That last one would make me feel like I was showering outdoors under a natural waterfall. Sweet!


  2. Wow… all three designs are superb. I also like glass showers. I think glass shower with a frameless shower door can add more shine to our bathroom. Thanks for this post. Keep sharing with us always.



  1. […] seem to be subconsciously focusing on awesome showers when I select images of bathrooms. This may or may not be related to the fact that my shower is […]


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