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June 7, 2013

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I think keeping potted plants are one of those things that you’re either great at or awful at. Or maybe it’s not so much an issue of skill as it is an issue of motivation and confidence. I for one, have zero potted plants, but I wish I did, and I’m pretty sure I could keep some alive if given the chance. Maybe.

Potted Plant Love | | Featured on

I think my hesitation stems from worrying about getting the styling right. First you have to choose the type of plant. Do you want something structured and dramatic? Or flowy and sweet? There are as many adjectives to describe plants as there are to describe people. Next you have to choose the type of pot to keep it in. Ideally you could purchase it already in a nice pot. I am daunted by the concept of transferring plants to new vessels. Probably not as scary as I think it is. Finally you have to figure out where to put it and how to style it, making sure it’s getting the required amount of light too. Yeesh, when I type it all out like this it’s no wonder I haven’t taken the potted plant plunge.

Potted Plant Love | | Featured on

Despite all my trepidation, the fact remains that I adore potted plants in the home when done well. Hopefully some time in the next… year… I’ll get around to realizing my greenery dreams!

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