Side Table Stylin’

June 13, 2013

Side Table Stylin' | | Featured on

Some days I really crave simplicity like this. Isn’t it beautiful? A mason jar for a vase, white walls and white upholstery, a bare bulb, and a Polaroid stuck to the wall with tape. It amazes me how chic such simple and humble objects can be. I’ve seen several folks hang small photos like this with washi tape, and I really wonder if it is as effortless and livable as it looks.

Side Table Stylin' | | Featured on

Side Table Stylin' | | Featured on

You didn’t think I was going to run the whole post with the simplicity theme did you? I just couldn’t because Emily Henderson unveiled her living room this week and I am certifiably obsessed. Emily is one of my favorite designers. She is her own special brand of lovable crazy and a freaking genius stylist. I know the super colorful and covered-in-knick-knacks look is not for everyone… but I love it, especially when it’s Emily. This is just a snippet of her beautiful living room. Do check it  out.

one | Sweet Thing
two | GluckensteinHome
three | Emily Henderson, photo by Zeke Ruelas

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