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Drama In The Dining Room

June 18, 2013

Quick shout-out: My day was absolutely made when I saw HouseBeautiful chose my blog post “Fancy Ceiling Details” to feature in their Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week. Little old me?! I am giddy and beyond honored.

Drama In The Dining Room | jhinteriordesign.com | Featured on Design-Vox.com

Dining rooms are such a great opportunity to go BOLD. Something about them is just well suited to dramatic moments and showcase pieces. The above room has a fantastic chandelier, the likes of which I’ve admired for a long time. I love the water drop-like glass. I’ve seen many versions of these lights, here is one by Robert Abbey.

Drama In The Dining Room | magnusmarding.com | Featured on Design-Vox.com

If glamorous chandeliers aren’t your thing (Really? How can they not be your thing?), you could opt for a stunning statement with your table and/or chairs.  This table looks like a woodsman hacked it right out of a tree with a few swings of his ax. Such an intriguing and lovely rustic piece. The chairs with their antique form are a wonderful match to the table. Though they’re quite a different style they seem perfectly at home.

Drama In The Dining Room | skonahem.com | Featured on Design-Vox.com

And shabam. Can you even handle this drama? A big ol’ fancy chandelier really is the easiest route to waking up your dining room. This space takes it further with a unique and huge wooden table and the most loveliest of muted lavender rugs. I would switch out the chairs, these seem cheap and out of place. Then plonk some vibrant flowers on the table to top it off. What do you think, would you change anything?

one | Jessica Helgerson, photo by Lincoln Barbour, via desire to inspire
two | Magnus Marding via desire to inspire
three | Skona Hem via 79 ideas

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