Pretty Patterned Decor

Pretty Patterned Decor | | Featured on

Three sitting areas for you today that all use wonderful patterns. Mixing patterns is very much on-trend right now, in a good way. I find some people have a negative view of “trendiness” while others embrace trends to a fault. Trends can be bad, good, fleeting, or long-lasting. The key is to examine each individually and determine whether it makes sense for your home and most importantly, whether it makes you happy.

Pattern mixing is one of those trends that can be pretty easy to give a try because it can be accomplished with small pieces like pillows and art. Or if you’re feeling bold and awesome, not-so-small pieces like a decorative screen or rug. Do I love zebra print? No. Do I love what it does for the above room? Yes.

Pretty Patterned Decor | | Featured on

Of course patterns add so much to a room even when you aren’t layering them like crazy on top of each other. These bright pillows give the space a jolt of color while the rug’s pattern is more subtle but still visually interesting. This wallpaper has an even more subtle and textured pattern.

Pretty Patterned Decor | | Featured on

If you favor a little more simplicity but still want liveliness, this sitting area is one to emulate. I adore this creamy white drapery and clean-lined chest of drawers. The rug is obviously the life of the party. The mirrors and hanging planters that they reflect form an abstract pattern of their own. I hope this inspires you to play with patterns. As long as you don’t pronounce it “patt-er-in” like a former design instructor of mine– oh, that drove me crazy.

one | Tara Guérard for Lonny via Savvy Home
two | Susan Kroeger via The Pursuit of Style
three | Jessica Helgerson, photo by Andrew Cammarano, via Design*Sponge

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  1. great post! :)


  2. I love the rug in the 3rd picture! x


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