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July 5, 2013

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This kitchen is aces as far as beautiful finishes go! We have a peak of the wonderful dark wood floor. There’s the amazing island that looks like a solid piece of rock because the stone was used on the sides as well as the top. These wood cabinets are an orangey hue that normally doesn’t sound nice to me at all, but for some reason it works here. Possibly because it was photographed very well. The modern flat fronts and juxtaposition to other modern finishes keep it from feeling outdated. And then there’s that glassware rack hanging from the ceiling. Holy toledo that thing is beautiful in all its brassiness. Not the most practical? Maybe. Constantly living in fear of the slightest ground tremor? Probably. I’m just glad someone out there had the balls to do it anyway.

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I have never seen wood cabinets like these before and I really dig it. They maintain a modern feel being flat-fronted but all the beautiful wood grain keeps things warm and interesting while the strips of wood used to “frame” each door give it a transitional twist. They could use some knobs though, don’t you think? Also: solid black backsplash? Not sure if that’s just painted or what but I approve. Also: those ceiling pendants are a big yes.

As for the floor, I think black and white checks can be super chic and obviously add a lot of visual interest. I know many people look at them and think they’re awful, outdated, or just too much. I don’t think either opinion is wrong, it’s just definitely a matter of personal preference.

Beautiful Kitchen Finishes | |

Colored cabinets are a risk. I’m not a particularly big fan of the bright red, orange, or yellow types you see. But a deep blue or a moody teal-green I can get on board with. The combination here of dark teal and mint is so much fun. Clearly I am drawn to the flat-fronted cabinet look as here it is again.

I really really like this kitchen and would seriously consider copying it, perhaps sans the peacock. Don’t get me wrong, that thing adds a lot of awesome to the space, but I don’t know if I could ever bring myself to have taxidermy in my house. Definitely one of those things that most house guests would be scratching their heads at. Of course never let that stop you from following your gut when decorating! I had a little incident lately where I got the feeling a house guest was not a fan of my huge gaudy amazing antique lamp. It did bother me a little, but I need to shake that off! Decorate with what makes you happy even if it’s a completely ridiculous over-sized lamp!

one | Michael Diamond, photo by Trevor Tondro for NY Times, via My Favorite and My Best
two | via My Favorite and My Best
three | photo by Jonas Ingerstedt via desire to inspire

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