Flowers For Every Style

July 10, 2013

Flowers For Every Style | |

Flowers: the universal accessory. Flowers work and are welcome in virtually any style home, wouldn’t you say? They’re fragrant pieces of natural sculpture, and often providing the perfect pop of color. These sweet little potted flowers are beautiful in this Scandinavian style room.

Flowers For Every Style | |

The rest of this traditional rustic Spanish hotel didn’t really grab me, but anything is better with flowers, particularly big creamy pink roses. I also love the look of a simple leafy cutting in a vase. This is a really great way to bring in plant life when a trip to the flower market is not in the budget.

Flowers For Every Style | |

How good are these beautiful blooms? These are the faux flowers of my dreams, by my long-time favorite designer, Abigail Ahern. Yes friends, faux. Fake flowers have something of a poor reputation for being tacky or outdated. Please reconsider that notion. I mean yeah the fake flowers you find at Goodwill are probably going to be tacky and outdated but that is so far from the truth when you’re talking about high quality well-designed blooms. They can be a bit of an investment, but they won’t die on you! Abigail’s flowers come in single stems (£4.50 to £23.50 each) or bouquets. Check them out in her online shop.

one | Nina Holst via Stylizimo
two | Casa de la Sal via dustjacket attic
three | Abigail Ahern

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