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July 26, 2013

Listen To Some Jazz | |

I am prone to anxiety. I know, who isn’t, right? My anxiety comes and goes, generally growing as soon as I have more than like two things on my plate. Yesterday evening a few too many concerns were piling up in my mind and I found myself feeling listless.

I decided to turn on some music while I did housework. Normally I go for something upbeat in that scenario but I was so not feeling that so I chose my Billie Holiday Pandora radio station. Just moments into those jazzy tunes I felt one thousand times better. Something about a slow tempo, a sweet voice, and a retro crackle in the background just made everything fade away. I have always loved jazz, but with this new-found therapeutic power it has over me I think it’ll be playing a little more often.

Listen To Some Jazz | |

Listen To Some Jazz | |

These images of simple white rooms with homey, unfussy details struck me as therapeutic as well. I’d like to sit at that table with a cup of coffee and tap my toes to some Billy Holiday. I hope you have a restful weekend, friends.

one | J. Ingerstedt
two |Nicole Franzen via The Design Chaser
three | Nicole Franzen via Blood & Champange

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  • Reply Brian July 26, 2013 at 11:56 am

    Simple white rooms with homey, unfussy details and some jazz in the background… ahhhh! I hope today is an awesome day for you.

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