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Casual Dining

July 31, 2013

Casual Dining | stadshem.se | design-vox.com

Mid-Century Modern furniture lends itself to an easy, casual vibe. That credenza in particular is pretty dang handsome. The plant on the windowsill also contributes to the laid back attitude with its sprawling natural form. The chandelier busts in with some ornate shimmer to mix things up. Well played.

Casual Dining | milesredd.com | design-vox.com

While there’s nothing simple about this little dining space, it still feels very casual largely because it only seats two people. I’ve never really thought about how nice it could be to have a secondary dining area designed to seat no more than two or three. It creates such an easy sense of intimacy. I mean, plenty of people have little breakfast nooks but they often seem to be neglected and not thought of as a big design opportunity. This proves that a table for two can be a really special thing!

Casual Dining | esteestanley.com | design-vox.com

Cozy central over here. Benches are a sure fire way to make things feel casual, even paired with fancier chairs. And of course art is a huge force in setting the tone of a room. That adorable polar bear adds such a sweet playfulness to this lovely space.

one | Stadshem via Feel Inspired
two | Miles Redd
three | Estee Stanley, photo by Laure Joliet, via Because It’s Awesome

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