Thoughts On Gallery Walls

August 2, 2013

Thoughts On Gallery Walls | |

I’ve heard some whispers in the design world that gallery walls are on their way out. I really don’t agree. I honestly think good gallery walls are fairly timeless. Sure, your taste in art may change or you may decide you want a less busy look, but I don’t think a day will come when no one likes a nice gallery wall.

To clarify, when I say gallery wall I mean a grouping of wall art, especially those that are placed amorphously, not in a grid or line. (It’s very possible that any kind of art grouping, grid-like or otherwise, technically qualifies as a gallery wall, that’s just not what most people associate with the term.)

Thoughts On Gallery Walls | |

To pull off a gallery wall you will need at least half a dozen pieces in varying sizes.  They usually look better if they fill all or most of your wall. Don’t be afraid to go all the way to the ceiling. Whether or not the frames match is a personal preference, just make sure that they are all either very similar or quite different. You wouldn’t want 9 modern white frames and 1 gold ornate frame. Actually, maybe you would. Break rules.

Thoughts On Gallery Walls | |

It’s also a matter of personal preference how related you want your art to be. In the above photo, which I adore, you see a collection of landscape paintings which look really magnificent together. But as in the first two photos, your art does not all need to be in the same style or feature the same subject, not at all! The key to all of these gallery walls is a limited color palette. The first photo focuses on white, black, soft pinks and blues. The second is heavy on pink and red (love!), black, gold, and a bit of blue.

Despite my conviction that a limited color palette is important in creating a chic gallery wall (or any design), I hope you don’t feel held back by that or any design “rule”. Like I said earlier, break rules. Experiment. Go with your gut. Your gut’s smarter than you think. 🙂

one | Lovely Life via nicety
two | Miles Redd via Architectural Digest
three | Julie Paterson, photo by Sean Fennessy, via The Design Files

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  • Reply redagapeblog August 5, 2013 at 1:20 am

    i really hope they aren’t on the way out….because i LOVE them.

    • Reply Christina Ebbers August 5, 2013 at 8:57 am

      Yeah I really don’t think they’re on their way out. I swear some folks like to make claims about what’s going out and what’s coming in just to sound like they’re on the cutting edge. 🙂

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