Amazingly Fabulous Nurseries

August 30, 2013

Amazingly Fabulous Nurseries | |

I don’t think many people think of the word “DRAMA” when imagining how to decorate a nursery. But oh man if you can pull it off is it ever fabulous. The above nursery flourishes with contrast. White walls, black floor. Modern crib, traditional armchair. We are in need of some window treatments, though. Definitely not something you can leave out in a nursery for when baby needs to sleep during the day!

Amazingly Fabulous Nurseries | |

Art in the nursery gets a big YES from me. Even better if it isn’t all “kiddy” art! Hold the phone… that’s the same toy car as in the first shot! Wow, quite the popular little prop.

Amazingly Fabulous Nurseries | |

And then there’s this one. Which basically stopped my heart when I saw it. Let me count the ways I love this. That awesome modern pendant paired with a traditional ceiling medallion no less. The classy black bendy sconces. The amazing daybed piled with sweet stuffed animals. The whole space is perfectly neutral and warm and cozy and I must have it. One day. You know, when I actually have a baby.

OH MY GOD you guys. I was just looking at the rest of the photos of this last nursery and THEY HAVE THE SAME FREAKING TOY CAR TOO! It’s white instead of silver but seriously what part of the Twilight Zone did I just get sucked into? Check it out, 3rd photo here. I took this to be a sign from the universe that I must find the source of the car, so here you go: Variations of this car are sold by many vendors. Here it is on Amazon in silver, and here’s a white version (red too!) on this site.

one | Chelsea De Luca, photo by Toby Scott for The Design Files
two | Estee Stanley, photo by Laure Joliet for Remodelista, via Because It’s Awesome
three | Bijou and Boheme for Style At Home, via My Favorite and My Best

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