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Living Rooms with Personality

September 13, 2013

Living Rooms with Personality | |

What’s my most favorite thing to decorate with? Personality. I hear you saying, “But Christina, personality is an abstract concept. You can’t plonk a personality down on your coffee table.” But you know what I mean! Exactly what objects qualify will of course vary from home to home, because it’s personal. It’s easy to yawn at this concept but truly, the best designs always seem to radiate with the personal flair and character of the homeowner.

Living Rooms with Personality | |

I love how this room is modern but with almost a grandma twist in the details. And so cozy! Fiddle leaf fig trees have been the darling of the design world for years, and now suddenly I badly want a cactus too. It’s so sculptural and interesting and likely hard to kill which is a major plus.

Living Rooms with Personality | |

I am mildly obsessed with how daring and FULL of personality this room is. I just noticed that the wall color is very similar to that of my bathroom, and I’m thinking I need to take notes on how to inject some maturity in there. (It reads a little too baby blue sometimes.) How do you feel about the very worn-in look of the seating? It takes a certain kind of home and a level of commitment to make that look deliberate. How about that bar cart? Ready for a party I’d say! Finally, to me the stars of this room or those portraits. Any kind of portrait but antiques in particular are a weakness of mine. Just the right dash of creepy. They have a way of saying that this homeowner doesn’t take themselves too seriously, which is ironic considering how serious their faces are!

one | Suzy Tuxen and Shane Loorham, photo by Eve Wilson for The Design Files
twoJennifer Bewerse via A Beautiful Mess
three | Elle Decor via Trendey

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  • Reply stephaniesees September 13, 2013 at 6:46 pm

    That bottom room, I stared at that cover for 20 mins trying to figure out how amazing that room is because everything about it should just be so wrong.

    Surrounded by Pretty

    • Reply Christina Ebbers September 13, 2013 at 8:04 pm

      I know!! It is confusing to be sure. I still don’t really understand it.

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