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Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room

September 25, 2013

pi·zazz [puh-zaz] 1. energy; vitality; vigor.
2. attractive style; dash; flair.

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | elledecor.com | design-vox.com

Pizzazz isn’t a word I use often. But it’s a good one. The dining room is an excellent opportunity to push the boundaries of your own personal glam factor. I’m sure some of you must hate the above room, and not too long ago I would have said the same thing. But if I’ve learned anything from exploring the varied world of interior design over the last few years it’s that wacky can be wonderful and often the loudest, boldest, most unexpected spaces are the most fun and invigorating. We can certainly take some pizzazz pointers from this room.

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | degournay.com | design-vox.com

Less crazy, but still exciting and bold. Let’s be real here: the absolute best part of this room bar none is the amazing chandelier that looks like it was custom made for this ceiling. Or possibly the ceiling was custom made for the chandelier. Either way: wowza. A statement chandelier is a sure fire way to add flair to a room!

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | nateberkus.com | design-vox.com

Now this is something that I both love and could live with. Even if you don’t have stunning architecture working for you there are ideas to be stolen here. We have a statement chandelier again. Round tables are not as common and therefore visually interesting. The beautiful dark teal walls are dramatic and feel particularly masculine when juxtaposed with leather and steel. Filling the walls with art instantly makes this space personal. The strong masculine feel is perfectly thrown off balance by a simple pink bouquet. It is astonishing the difference flowers can make.

So what do you think? Ready to add some pizzazz to your dining room?

one | Susan Hable, Richard Powers for Elle Decor, via Dicordia Design
two | de Gournay via My White Room
three | Nate Berkus

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