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October 15, 2013

Oh So Classy Kitchens | |

This kitchen pretty much drops my jaw to the floor. I have no idea what those hunk of metal looking things on the table are but otherwise this room just exudes class and high style, while also being a bit rustic which is impressive. The finishes and materials here just kill me. Those rough looking floors, the gorgeous wood cabinets, THOSE LIGHTS. I have mixed feelings about the chairs because I think the wire looks awesome in the space, lending so much texture without a lot of visual weight because of the transparency… but they really don’t look comfortable. Some simple seat cushions would fix that but that would totally change the look, so it’s a conundrum.

Oh So Classy Kitchens | |

Mmm subway tile. Always timeless. Love those pendant lights too. Open shelving is always a point of contention. I feel as though arguments on both sides are totally valid. While it can look really beautiful and creates a lovely casual vibe, one must be concerned about dust and always having nice looking dishes neatly arranged. Personally I still have starter dishes (read: ugly) and don’t think I have the patience to keep them looking neat and styled. So open shelving is probably not a good option for me. How about you?

Oh So Classy Kitchens | |

Just lovely. I adore those windows and how the room is both warm and bright. I finally tried the simple tree branch in a vase trick. Mine even had little orange berries on it. It wasn’t quite big enough to make the impact I wanted, but then again I was already uncomfortable sneakily snapping a branch off a tree in the shared courtyard of my apartment complex. Ha. Mark my words, when I have an actual house one day it’d better have trees I can raid.

oneDouglas Friedman via desire to inspire
two | Rachel Halvorson
three | Jessica Helgerson via nicety

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  • Reply stephaniesees October 15, 2013 at 9:53 pm

    Hicks pendants are everything (image 2). When I get a real job I will be hanging 14 of them in every room.

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