Simple Chic Bedrooms

December 3, 2013

Simple Chic Bedrooms | Nate Berkus |

I love how this shot captures the cocooning shadows of this beautiful bedroom. If you want to experiment with dark finishes, the bedroom is an excellent place to start. It’s a room that is supposed to be literally dark the majority of the time anyway, right?

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

Mmm, marble and linen in the same shot. Love it. I’m always a sucker for lightly textured walls like this. It makes this room feel much more soft and luxurious than a simple solid wall color would have.

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

I love this a lot. The wall (and ceiling) paneling is a bold move that works wonders in creating visual interest on an otherwise fairly bare surface. I love the use of mismatched nightstands. My favorite part is the lights. Hanging bedside light is pretty much genius not only for aesthetics but for freeing up space on your nightstand.

one | Nate Berkus for Rue Mag via Abigail Ahern
two | Lisa Cohen for Vogue Living
three | Susan Hable Smith for Elle Decor

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