Chic Christmas Decor

December 23, 2013

Christmas decorations can be a tricky thing. It can get garish real fast. I always love seeing chic Christmas decor. What makes it chic? That’s definitely a matter of opinion but for me it’s the following:

  • It’s not just an explosion of green and red. Yes those are traditional Christmas colors and they can be lovely, but you don’t have to use them to make a space feel festive. And if you do use them it can be in fairly small doses, balanced out with lots of lovely neutrals or my favorite, gold.
  • Less is often more. Covering every inch of your home may be your thing, but I love a little more minimalist take on the holidays. Something as simple as a single evergreen branch can transform a room (as you’ll see below.)

I wish I had a third bullet point but I don’t. Those two really covered it. Of course all that really matters is that you enjoy the holidays and hopefully get to see some loved ones. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!

Christmas Floral Arrangement by House of Earnest

Set of 6 // Himmeli Ornaments / Modern Hanging Mobile / Geometric Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor by HRUSKAA on Etsy

Holiday Table by Remodelista

Christmas Tabletop by The Lettered Cottage

Christmas Details by suvi sur le vif

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