How To Decorate If You’re Afraid of Color

January 9, 2014

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color |

If you’re afraid of using color in your decor, my first piece of advice would be to push yourself. That doesn’t mean go out and buy a pink sofa or bright green curtains. You can easily introduce small bits of color into your home with accessories. My second piece of advice would be to take a cue from these photographs I’m sharing today. Rooms with very little color can easily come off as sterile, lifeless, or boring. But they can also be incredibly classy and beautiful if done well. The most surefire way to introduce a bit of easy color while also staving off the “lifeless” adjective is with plant life. Green leaves are practically a neutral our eyes are so accustomed to them.

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color |

Another excellent trick to making a beautiful room with little color is to use oodles of texture. Varying textures have a very similar effect visually to varying colors. This room is anything but boring despite it’s monochromatic scheme because of the collected and personal vibe of its decor. Can you imagine how different it would be if they’d hung art from Bed Bath & Beyond?

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color | |

Another way to up the wow factor without relying on vibrant colors is to try dark colors. I love this wall color. It’s the perfect sort of medium blue-gray that will take on different tones depending on the lighting. Exactly the kind of color I’d like to try in my own home!

one | via blood & champagne
two | via nicety
three | via Yellow Trace

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