Affordable Entryway

I would really like to give my entryway a facelift. Here are some pieces I think would be fabulous for my small space that aren’t horribly expensive either!

Affordable Entryway |

  1. Light Pink Ranunculus ($30) by gabyburger on Etsy – Art is a must in every room as far as I’m concerned and how gorgeous and classy are these black and pink flower prints?
  2. Pink Peony I ($30) by gabyburger on Etsy
  3. Geo Pendant ($69) – I have a quantifiable weakness for light fixtures with a geometric flair, as evidenced by my Keep lighting collection. This pendant by Urban Outfitters is easily the cheapest one I’ve come across.
  4. Hoop Mirror ($198) – A mirror in the entryway is great for quick checks on the way in and out the door. This one has a great look and isn’t a total budget buster especially for being from Anthropologie.
  5. Lacquer Louis Stool ($307) – For a small space this cute stool with many fabric options would be great for taking shoes off and on, though admittedly there are probably less expensive options out there.
  6. Persian Rug ($100) – I would love a larger doormat, and this gorgeous vintage rug is a great size for that. Though in honesty I couldn’t bare to put this down where mud will be tracked over it, even though they’re supposed to be very durable. So this pick is more of an idealistic one.
  7. Marble Tray ($89) – Solid Carrara marble and brass? I’m floored this doesn’t cost three times as much.
  8. Grand Marquis Console Table ($349) – I have a small-ish demilune table right now. It would be nice to have something a bit bigger. This one is lovely and would be fun to style up.

There’s so much more I could have / should have looked for, like coat hooks and hidden storage for winter gear. I might have to do another entryway round up!

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  1. How to choose? Just get all of the great items you showcased!


  2. I love that geometric pendant! Nice choice.


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