Delicious Kitchens

Delicious Kitchens | |

White meets black. Modern meets antique. Awesome meets awesome. Though I do believe only a select few humans could actually reach the top shelf of that cupboard. But it’s okay because brass.

Delicious Kitchens | |

The wavy texture of those tiles is wonderful. I would love to cook here with all that sunlight streaming in.

Delicious Kitchens | |

If you haven’t already seen this kitchen you obviously don’t read as many design blogs as I do. It is very popular and with good reason. I think my face metaphorically melted off the first time I saw it. I mean those cupboards. The perfect shade of green with gold detailing. THAT BACKSPLASH. Is the counter and sink all one piece?? And those black floors. Ugh it’s just so beautiful. As one would expect only a celebrity can afford this, and her name is Cameron Diaz thanks to the genius of designer Kelly Wearstler. Though I suppose anyone can afford green paint, right? Would you have the stomach to give deep green kitchen cabinets a try?

oneGisbert Pöppler via dustjacket attic
two | Penelope Loorham via the design files
threeKelly Wearstler via Dicordia Design

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  1. Would you have the stomach to give deep green kitchen cabinets a try? Nope. I mean it’s nice to look at, I would not mind visiting, but not in my everyday kitchen – nope. Sorry!


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