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February 28, 2014

I am just about as obsessed with housewares as I am with home decor. Items that serve a specific function can be just as exciting and well designed, in fact finding those aesthetically pleasing functional pieces is a thrilling hunt for me. It’s an important part of the big picture in interior design, don’t you think?


1. Copper-Plated Serving Set ($24) – Copper or gold or brass anything pretty much gets my vote. Why not bling out the salad bowl?
2. Birch Doormat in Brown (£50 = about $83 usd) – This Swedish designed doormat with stiff nylon bristles is way more nice to look at than a lot of doormats, and perfect for scraping off dirt.
3. White Rabbit Cookie Jar ($50 on sale!) – White ceramic with gold detail? If you know me this is a big DUH. Plus it’s a cute bunny rabbit! Modern cookie jars FTW. Too bad I don’t really eat a lot of cookies.
4. Feathergrain Wood Bin ($13) – This petite and inexpensive bin is simple and rustic, an easy neutral to layer into a room. I like it for organizing bathroom essentials. Comes in larger sizes too.
5. All Purpose Spray ($24) – Plant-based, biodegradable, free of harsh chemicals, AND it comes in an irresistible (refillable) glass bottle. I plan to try making my own cleaning spray but this is a great option too.
6. Ouch First Aid Box ($30) – Easily the cutest first aid box I’ve ever seen. A little humor may make you feel better about that scrape.
7. Spherical Hanging Fruit Basket ($65) – This handmade hanging wire basket is so very chic and will free up counter space too. Beautiful and so functional. I just love it.
8. Battery Box ($10) – Inexpensive and so adorable, and a MUCH better way of storing old batteries waiting to be recycled than the plastic bag I currently have shoved in a cupboard.
9. Glass Pitcher ($17) – Love the straight lines of this simple, modern pitcher. I’d be proud to serve guests with this.
10. Gold Fragment Mug (£12 = about $20 usd) – I have admired this mug a long time. Long live white and gold.

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