Stylin’ Bedrooms

March 12, 2014

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

So bold and chic. Quite a bit more pattern and attitude than most people I know can handle. The wallpaper doesn’t feel so busy because of its neutral colors and fairly low contrast. It’s almost more of a texture than a pattern. When mixing patterns it’s good to keep in mind the scale of each pattern. Meaning some patterns are small scale, with small repeating shapes, and others are large scale more like the rug in this room. Patterns work best together if their scale is not too similar. So a smaller scale next to a larger scale will work best. Also: BRASS HEADBOARD yummy.

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

This is how you do bright colors, folks. Not on the walls. I mean sure, sometimes bright colors work on the walls but it takes a lot of skill and forethought to pull it off. I prefer neutral walls with colorful decor.

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

Brass brass brass on white white white. Love it.

one | Erin Williamson
two | Rickie Dee via The Design Chaser
threeKatarina Grundströmer via desire to inspire

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