Add a Layer to Your Decor

June 27, 2014

Add a Layer to Your Decor | |

Something that was a bit of an epiphany for me when I first learned it was the importance of layering when decorating. This can be taken rather abstractly but also very literally. Literally speaking, it’s not only okay to place items in front of each other it’s really quite a good thing. The mantle above is an excellent example. Frames in front of a mirror and figurines in front of frames, etc.

Add a Layer to Your Decor | |

Have you ever noticed this aspect of well decorated rooms? You very rarely see things lined up in neat little rows never overlapping each other. That can look forced and boring and is just not very appealing to the eye. Instead pieces of varying size and height are layered, overlapping each other and even covering whole portions of something behind. As long as you’re not awkwardly completely covering up something, it almost always works and does not diminish the appeal of whatever’s being partially obscured. You would be amazed how easy this is. Some aspects of styling are really difficult but once you realize you can and should overlap things in your vignettes it has an immediate and wonderful effect. Try it!

Add a Layer to Your Decor | |

A more abstract way of layering is simply not being afraid to add more stuff. Certainly not for the minimalist, but truly something to consider if you feel your space is lacking life or visual interest. Have you got a vase on your console table? Great, but does it look a little sad all by itself? I think too many people stop decorating too soon and miss out on creating cozy, lively, personal spaces. It takes some skill undoubtedly to keep adding without verging on it being a cluttered mess. That’s the part of styling that isn’t so easy! Thank goodness we have pros like Abigail Ahern to emulate (that’s her home above).

one | Lonny mag via dustjacket attic
two | the design files
three | Abigail Ahern

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