Christopher + Christina Engagement Photos

Our engagement photos arrived! And I absolutely love them. I knew I would though, working with the incredibly talented Kelly Sweet. We rescheduled something like three times due to weather and ended up having a rainy day anyway! It seriously started pouring right as we left the house but both Chris and I were so eager to get the photos taken and tired of postponing that we just went with it. I grabbed my Gina & May umbrella (thank goodness I own a reasonably attractive umbrella) and watched the sky intently the whole drive to the park. Mercifully, the downpour broke while we were on the road and patches of blue sky and sun appeared. A few minutes into shooting it started drizzling again but only briefly.

I’m really glad we got engagement photos. It seems like a bit of a luxury since it’s certainly not a necessary expense when wedding planning, but we’ll treasure these photos just as much as the wedding photos. It’s great to have some shots of us looking basically like we do everyday, messy hair and all thanks to the humidity. :)

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All photos by Kelly Sweet.

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  1. Yaaay! That one of Chris leaning back cracks me up.


  2. Amazing photos Christina! they look so romantic, tranquil and charming!


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