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August 4, 2014

Children's Room Designs | |

Well if that isn’t the most glamorous child’s room I’ve ever seen. It could easily be an adult’s room; the dolls on the bed tip us off to the true occupant. Doesn’t this design just make you smile? Perhaps you have to have a certain level of girliness in you to appreciate it. I qualify. I love how it is largely neutral yet plenty playful.

Children's Room Designs | |

Just plain old good, adorable design. Again there is a lot of neutral white in this room but it is more than adequately punctuated with colorful elements. I love the framed photography. It gives the room an unexpected maturity that really elevates it. Kids’ rooms deserve art just as much as the rest of the house and it doesn’t have to be “kiddy” art either!

Children's Room Designs | |

This looks like toddler heaven. What can I say other than “bravo” about this design? Wonderful colors and plenty of whimsy. Appealing to both children and mom and dad. That’s the goal!

one | Christine Dovey, photo by Ashley Capp via Style Me Pretty
two | Sarah Lavoine via desire to inspire
three | Peppermint Bliss

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