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Current Loves: Soft Surroundings

August 19, 2014

So there’s this website called Soft Surroundings which frankly I find kind of an odd name and based on the heavy emphasis on their fashion collection on the home page I probably never would have bothered clicking that “Home Decor” link if I hadn’t had an inkling they were hiding some good stuff in there. They describe their home collection as French inspired which is pretty evident. It’s fairly traditional stuff but with rustic, industrial, and even a little modern influence mixed in there. My favorite kinds of homes are eclectic, those with carefully chosen elements from several styles, and “traditional” is one of the most fun styles to throw into a room to mix things up. Who can resist an opulent crystal chandelier or a beautifully constructed wingback chair? Well I certainly can’t.

Oh did I mention a lot of this stuff is very reasonably priced? Restoration Hardware is selling a very similar floor lamp to the one featured below for almost four times as much. Whoa.

Eleonore Crytal Chandelier | softsurroundings.com Clara Stand | softsurroundings.com
Bullion Fringe Panel | softsurroundings.com Fontaine Wingback Chair | softsurroundings.com

Eleonore Crytal Chandelier $149 | Clara Stand $113
Bullion Fringe Panel $99+ | Fontaine Wingback Chair $799

Vintage Wine Bottles | softsurroundings.com Montparnasse Coffee Table | softsurroundings.com
Iron Sphere Floor Lamp | softsurroundings.com Louis Curve Bench | softsurroundings.com

Vintage Wine Bottles $199 each | Montparnasse Coffee Table $350
Iron Sphere Floor Lamp $399 | Louis Curve Bench $399

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