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October 24, 2014

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While I love and appreciate rooms that are minimalist, rustic, or laid-back bohemian, I also love and appreciate maximalism and refined luxury. The room above is a bit of an enigma for me because when I focus on individual pieces there’s actually quite a lot I don’t love. Those curtains are giving off an odd yellowy glow that seems to throw off the the color scheme of the whole room. The artwork on the left wall is meh. The chairs while nice look like you could find them at a cheap furniture outlet. And yet it all works together somehow. Or maybe I just really love that chandelier because I do really love that chandelier.

Fancy Shmancy | |

Now that is some maximalist luxury. I would like to shake the hand of the person that had the guts to combine all these elements together and in a building with such traditional architecture. Would I decorate like this in my own home? I can say with some certainty no, I would not. But I love examples of decorating that are so bold and personal and fun. If you love it, just go for it! Of course to get a chandelier like that you will need to be filthy rich, keep that in mind.

Fancy Shmancy | |

This room is less traditional, but still luxurious and wonderful. I wish we had more than a peek of that crystal chandelier because you know me and crystal. A moth to the flame. Can we talk about this wall treatment? First of all the deep blue is a gorgeous color, and I am so mesmerized by the seemingly free-handed texture and stamping. Risk taking really really pays off sometimes. Gorgeous mid century furniture and pretty vintage portraits don’t hurt either!

one | Blair Harris, photo by Nick Johnson
two | NY Mag
threeDirk-Jan Kinet for Spanish Architectural Digest via desire to inspire

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