The Right Way To Do Colorful Kid’s Rooms

November 10, 2014

The Right Way To Do Colorful Kid's Rooms | |

Usually the design for children that catches my eye is on the neutral side; cute and comfortable but with a sophisticated grown-up undertone and maybe just some pops of color. Then every once in a while I see rooms like these that are brightly colorful and definitely “kiddish”. When done well they are wonderful too! I mean, ice cream cone bedding? Adorable.

The Right Way To Do Colorful Kid's Rooms | |

This is honestly a little too much color for me. It’s the peach wall that puts it over the top. If it was a super soft, light peach I’d be more on board. But that rug is so fun and of course the tent is awesome.

The Right Way To Do Colorful Kid's Rooms | |

The color in this room is dialed back but it’s still very playful and sweet. Say yes to mint green hutches. I love wallpaper for a kid’s room. Anewall has some very cool options, I adore their affordable murals!

one | Sack Me! via The Design Files
two | The Design Files
three | Lantliv via Lina Ostling

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    SO cute!!


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    Adorable! Thankyou!

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    omg so cute 🙂

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    so cute love it!!! So inspiring !

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