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My Wedding Registry Picks Part 3 – Bed and Bath

December 19, 2014

Here is the third and final round up of my wedding registry picks! Check out Part 1 and Part 2 if you haven’t already. I am more than a little bit pleased to see that all of these items jive pretty well together. Without even meaning to I picked items that follow my trusted concept of using neutral colors for most pieces and then layering in color with accessories.

I am obsessed with the linen bedding (#1). I’ve been envious of the casual half-made messy bed look for quite a while now and linen fits into that concept beautifully. I searched everywhere for linen bedding that was good-looking and didn’t also cost a fortune and the best option I found is still quite expensive by my standards. One king size flat sheet is $175 AUD, which currently works out to $143 USD. For one sheet. But trust me you could easily spend twice as much elsewhere. The intention is to use one of these sheets as a light bedcover. I sleep hot and my current duvet gets suffocating sometimes. I’ve heard so many great things about the feel and breathability of linen. The Australian company that makes these also has pillow, duvets, and more. Check them out!

My Wedding Registry Picks Part 3 - Bed and Bath | design-vox.com

(1) Linen Sheet $175 AUD | (2) Photo Frames $18+
(3) I-Scream Vase $68 | (4) Shower Curtain $118
(5) Bath Towels $48 | (6) Duvet Cover $129+
(7) Soap Dispenser $39 | (8) Trinket Dish $10
(9) Tumbler $16 | (10) Hamper $59
(11) Ceiling Light $79 | (12) Jewelry Stand $68

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