Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

July 16, 2015

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

Thanks to living in a condo, our current outdoor living space is a tiny deck, maybe 10 by 10 feet. Some hand-me-down outdoor furniture lives there, a table and chairs, but there’s nothing attractive about them. With the space being so small it just doesn’t lure us out there very often which is such a shame being someone who draws a lot of energy from the outdoors. Whenever my husband and I start looking for our next home, the outdoor space will definitely be something I pay attention to. We want a single family home, so at the very least we’ll definitely have some sort of yard. I also would really like to move out of the city a ways, so we might end up with a large lot.

I’m definitely excited by the prospect of having land to enjoy though somewhat ironically the outdoor living spaces that I am usually drawn to are all on decks and patios. Or in other words: no huge abundance of grass. Grass is nice to be sure, but truthfully I prefer a more “wild” yard with a hardscaped area for relaxing in the sun. Hardscape refers to all of the man-made elements of an outdoor design such as paved areas, structures, walls, pools and fountains, etc. The space above has a lot of hardscaping, and they’ve done a beautiful job balancing all the “hard” with soft plant life.

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Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

A beautiful outdoor living space doesn’t have to be overly complicated or decorated to the gills. Even with some wonky shutters and an uneven looking brick patio this space is lovely. Embrace the fact that this is an outdoor room and let the plants get a little overgrown.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

wander into the woods

This is the sort of scene I’d like to be able to wander into from our future home. Forests are my favorite. Walking paths not necessary (though welcome). Do you have a favorite outdoor setting that you find particularly welcoming or energizing? Snow-capped mountains, ocean, desert? For me it’s always the greener the better.

Inspiration for a Beautiful Outdoor Living Space

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  • Reply mewling-quim July 16, 2015 at 1:13 pm

    You really need to come visit us and see our “wild” yard. It’s…REALLY wild. The former owner had a ton of wildflowers, and they’re definitely overtaking the yard!

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