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Color Inspiration for Living Rooms

July 23, 2015

Color Inspiration for Living Rooms | Architectural Digest France

While a neutral room with pops of color is typically more my style, I do occasionally love a good liberal use of color. Bright and strong colors can be so invigorating, wonderful if you want a room to feel exciting and fun. The shot above is so on point it’s alarming. Deep green walls, bright chartreuse details, beautiful maroon-pink velvet chairs and a gutsy bit of bright orange thrown in with that vase. On paper I would probably think that color combination is a little ridiculous but I can’t help but love it. Having a strong foundation of killer architecture and classy furniture definitely gives you more room to play with color.

Pretty Coral Pink FlowersColor Inspiration for Living Rooms, Monochromatic Blue| David Woolley

Going monochromatic (having only one color used throughout) can be a great way to test the colorful waters. You don’t have to concern yourself with mixing and can actually achieve a look that feels somewhat neutral in character if that is what you would like. Blue has always been a very popular color and is a great one to try if you don’t normally use a lot of color.

Drowning Princess by Jvdas BerraColor Inspiration for Living Rooms. Fresh minty green walls. | Nicole NajafiPink hair, green hair. Desert bohemian inspiration from 100 Layer Cake.Color Inspiration for Living Rooms. Dark blue walls. | Debi Treloar

The saturation level of a color has a huge impact on how it feels in a space. Lower saturation like you see in pastels is airier and fresher (which is perfect for some rooms), while high saturation is alluring and bold. I absolutely love it when two highly saturated colors are used together. Gorgeous strong blue walls and a dramatic deep maroon on the sofa work together to create a room that feels daring and adventurous and anything but boring.

one | Architectural Digest France
two | Honor
three | David Woolley
fourJvdas Berra via Waiting for Tea Again
five | Nicole Najafi via Elle Decor
six | 100 Layer Cake
seven | Debi Treloar via decor8

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  • Reply Michelle September 7, 2015 at 8:39 pm

    While I tend to lean towards the pastel colors for the more airy feel, I really like the room with the dark blue walls. The blend of the deep, rich colors really play well together and make the room feel very cozy and inviting.

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