Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design

January 12, 2016

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design : bold, graphic, black and white tile

Helloooo! I’m here for my monthly post, as that appears to be the pattern I’ve fallen into. Back in September I mentioned that I started running my own antiques booth. I actually ended up moving to a different store already; I am now at Warehouse One in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan! It’s one of my own personal favorite antique stores, so I’m pretty pumped to be there. Running an antiques booth is an interesting endeavor. It’s a bit of a risk, because you have to spend money to make money, and there’s no guarantee that you will actually make money, haha. Of my 3 months in the biz I have had 2 months where I made about $40 after expenses, and one where I was in the hole about $20. So impressive, right?! Like anything it takes a while to gain momentum and learn the ropes. I don’t ever expect it to replace a full time income, and honestly a big part of why I’m doing it is just for fun. But I do hope and plan to grow.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: bold tile

Bathrooms can easily turn into stark, utilitarian places. It’s a very function-focused room, moreso than any other room in the house I would argue, so its easy to call it good as long as there’s a toilet and a sink and maybe a shower. However if you want to inject some personality into a bathroom, it’s not hard to do so. As these first two bathrooms illustrate so well, patterned tile is an excellent option. And clearly I am into bold black and white tile. I honestly couldn’t have told you that before I looked at all these images and realized it. These patterns are just so playful and fun, and the high contrast between black and white creates a lot of visual interest.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: plants

Whether or not you’re on board with the black and white tile, another awesome way to jazz up a bathroom is with plants. It’s not an obvious place to keep them, but especially if you have a window and plants that love high humidity, it is a really great solution for both a happy home for the plants and a way to add all kind of texture and beauty to the room.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: textured walls and accessories

Speaking of texture, I can not get enough of textured walls. I don’t know much about how the effect is achieved other than it’s often done with plaster. The above bathroom is so simple and neutral, but the beautiful rough textures keep it from being boring. If those walls were just regular gray paint on drywall and the sink didn’t have that linen skirt, I can pretty much guarantee this little room would be a yawn fest. That’s basically┬áthe situation in my own half bathroom. Ha!

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design

I don’t know if this is actually the world’s biggest bathroom or if some mad genius decided to put a tub in the middle of a bedroom or office, but any which way you slice it those high ceilings and perfectly worn wood floors are stunning.

Creating Visual Interest in Bathroom Design: textured walls and using antiques

My most favorite image of the bunch, and of course it’s from Jersey Ice Cream Company. They do not make ice cream (well maybe in their spare time). They make the most beautiful, drool-worthy homes. If I was ever going to hire a designer, they would be my absolute first pick. In this bathroom not only do we have textured walls but there’s so much charm and visual interest courtesy of the amazing vintage elements. There’s nothing like antiques to give a room character.

one | JJ Locations via desire to inspire
two | Katie Martinez via desire to inspire
three | Krickelin
four | Design*Sponge
five | Derek Swalwell via blood & champagne
six | Jersey Ice Cream Company

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  • Reply Chris January 23, 2016 at 7:10 pm

    Those patterns in that first bathroom are just perfect. Changing the pattern from squares on the floor to diamonds on the walls is genius!

  • Reply Rachel Taylor May 29, 2016 at 3:46 am

    I would love to buy that kind of antique furniture for my new homes’ toilets.

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