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Vintage Bathrooms Brimming With Charm

July 1, 2015

Vintage Bathrooms. Beautiful cracking and peeling walls with old pedestal sinks. | |

I wish I could explain why I am so drawn to old decrepit things. Some of course are just ugly or outdated, but there’s something about certain objects and rooms. Despite crumbling bits and worn corners they are brimming with charm. I suppose it has a lot to do with a feeling that they have a story to tell, that they’ve been around a while and are therefore imbued with the character and personality of the people and events that have touched them. Public vintage bathrooms have never been so lovely as the one above. ūüėČ I have a particular fondness for cracking and peeling walls. Time has turned it into art.

Vintage Bathrooms. Old style vanity mirror complimented by glossy white subway tile. |

Just adding a few vintage touches to a room can transform it from bland and unexciting to welcoming and intriguing. The vintage-style mirrors in this bathroom are adorable. And how about that tile? Pretty much everyone likes subway tile and I love how this has the same basic look but the tiles have a handmade, wavy and uneven look. Super charming.

I found some seriously stunning tile recently when I was looking for ideas for our kitchen (which may or may not be remodeled some time in the near future). Check out these lovelies that could work just as easily in bathrooms as on a backsplash.

All from Tabarka Studio: one | two | three | four

"We are hear to awaken from the illusion of our separateness." | |

Vintage Bathrooms. Turquoise claw foot tub with decorative floor tile. |

That tub. That tile! The perfect vintage touches in a clean, modern room.

Vintage Bathrooms. Wild flower arrangement in a moody bathroom with dark walls. | |

If you can plop giant wild flower arrangements on the sinks in your¬†vintage bathrooms that always helps too. ūüėČ

one | Yatzer via blood and champagne
two | source unknown
three | IAMU Collective via Bohemian Diesel
four | source unknown
five | Design*Sponge


Weekend Mode with Dark and Cozy Bathrooms

January 16, 2015

Weekend Mode with Dark and Cozy Bathrooms | |

I feel particularly grateful for Friday’s arrival this week and these gorgeous, dark bathrooms look like the perfect place for some weekend relaxation. The above room is near perfection to me. I’ve been very drawn to rustic elements lately. Repurposing an old piece of furniture as a vanity works so perfectly here. The use of vintage hardware and lighting gives the room an authenticity and warmth that can not be matched when everything is new. Any room that can pull off two completely different colors of wood flooring is a winner in my book.

Weekend Mode with Dark and Cozy Bathrooms | |

Hello blue tile! Not only is the color and fish scale shape of this tile gorgeous, the fact that it is floor to ceiling absolutely makes the room. Floor to ceiling tile is pretty much always a good idea in my book, as long as you really love the tile and it isn’t too busy.

Weekend Mode with Dark and Cozy Bathrooms | |

I’m about ready for a weekend nap now, how about you?

one | Jersey Ice Cream Co via Design*Sponge
two | Faye Toogood via 79 Ideas
three | Melanie Acevedo via Camille Styles


Wood Finishes in the Bathroom

September 29, 2014

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom |

Wood is a material that most minds don’t leap to when it comes to bathrooms. We all know that wood is susceptible to water damage and the bathroom is the wettest room of the house. But it is possible to treat wood to be more resistant to moisture and the payoff can be huge in terms of adding warmth and texture. The floor is the most obvious surface to install wood but there’s many more options as well, like the ceiling! Don’t you just love this rustic bathroom?

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom | |

Here they’ve (perhaps wisely) foregone wooden flooring and instead used unpainted wood for the cabinetry as well as what appears to be plywood on the ceiling. Plywood is somewhat of a trendy material right now but I’ll be honest, I’m not a big fan. I understand the cool factor of leaving something looking unfinished,¬†I just do not find plywood attractive. The rest of this bathroom is heavenly, though. Here the brick wall works in tandem with the wooden finishes keeping the room earthy and warm despite its concrete floor.

Wood Finishes in the Bathroom | |

A wood-clad tub is an even more unconventional use of the material, and it’s lovely! Hopefully they sealed the wood thoroughly and dry splashes immediately… probably not the most practical tub for a family with children. But ooo so pretty. I’m particularly fond of this bathroom’s hanging towel bar. I’ve never seen anything like that before and it¬†feels both luxurious and whimsical. Fun!

one | blood and champagne
two | Alex Kennedy, photo by Eve Wilson, via The Design Files
three | Wood Melbourne, styling by Stephanie Stamatis, photo by Tara Pearce, via The Design Files


Super Glam Bathrooms

June 16, 2014

Super Glam Bathrooms | |

This bathroom is truly on another level. This is a bathroom fit for royalty. It hurts my brain a little bit to imagine using this room. It’s almost gone past being a room meant to serve a function and entered the realm of being art. Okay I may be overreacting just a touch but¬†seriously look at this place.

Super Glam Bathrooms | |

If you can’t afford miles of marble you can still have a totally glam bathroom. Black makes a space dramatic and sexy. Pair it with brass and you’ve got an easy recipe for glamour.

Super Glam Bathrooms | |

Modern + Traditional = almost always a good idea. Ornate frames take this room from run-of-the-mill to wow. The old, textural pieces pair especially well with the clean, sleek white tile. A juxtaposition made in heaven.

P.S. Sorry it’s been sooo long since I blogged. Work has been crazy!

one | Maddux Creative via dustjacket attic
two | The Dean Hotel via Yatzer
three | Nuevo Estilo via dustjacket attic


Tile Talk and Changes at My House

April 23, 2014

How are you all? Sorry I’ve been so sporadic with posting lately. There’s been a lot¬†to distract me. Work’s been busy, I’ve been trying to teach myself to cook instead of relying on so much processed food, and my fiance Chris is moving in with me very soon (squeal). The era of living on my own is coming to an end and it’s pretty weird to try and wrap my head around that. It will be a huge adjustment for both of us, but of course it’s also very exciting.

There’s been a little bit of updating going on in my condo, but nothing really blog-worthy. I got a hand-me-down dryer from my father-in-law-to-be which is awesome since my old one was practically unusable (it liked to rip clothes). And now I’ve just ordered a shiny new dishwasher because my old one (which I’m pretty sure is original to the ’70s structure) finally kicked the bucket. I also¬†finally painted the lower stairwell, which had been one of the few surfaces that I still hadn’t painted since I moved in. It was yellowy and covered in holes and crayon marks. Yeah. Feels so good to have it a clean light-mid gray.

So with this whole fiance and eventual husband situation I will now of course have to get any home updates okayed by him, but the good news is he doesn’t care about it all nearly as much as I do so I will still have quite a bit of creative freedom. For years we’ve been saying that Chris will need a man cave and he will get to furnish and decorate it how he chooses, while I will have pretty much free reign in the rest of the house. We’ll both have veto power though which I think is wise. :) Chris does surprise me sometimes by randomly showing interest in interior design. There’s a sofa at JCPenney that he has had his eye on for like a year now and often we’ll be at the mall and he’ll say, “Can we go see the¬†Darrin sofa?” I got him to go into The Tile Shop¬†and he actually had fun critiquing the displays with me.

bathroom042314 01

One thing that is definitely clear with my taste in tile is that I like it to be in the white/gray/black family. I have a very hard time with tan/brown tile. I could possibly handle a subtle creamy color but it’s not my first choice.¬†I find beige colors in general feel outdated to me more often than not. I think too many people choose beige because they’re afraid the cooler neutrals will feel too… well, too cold. It’s good to be mindful of that possibility but honestly it’s not that big of a deal. Something as simple as warm light from a fixture can pretty much take care of that. Plop some pink flowers on your counter. Boom, warm room.

bathroom042314 02

Mmm, black ceiling how I love you. This room would feel¬†way¬†less cool and much too stark if the ceiling had been painted white. I’m¬†not so much a fan of the hide rug, I just don’t like that kind of rug and it seems especially odd in a bathroom. But can we talk about those lights? Genius. This lighting scheme works particularly well because of the room’s¬†high ceilings. The lights have a lot of empty space to occupy, whereas a room with standard 8 foot ceilings, especially a smaller room, would probably feel crowded and weird with multiple pendant lights like this.

bathroom042314 03

Gorgeous tile, but I particularly enjoy the cheerful pop of blue in the sink (that is then mirrored in the accessories), and of course the brass fish shaped faucet. That is a fish, right? Or a dolphin? Something like that, haha.

one | Donald Lococo Architects via nicety
two | via The Beautiful Soup
three | Design*Sponge


Find Your Zen in the Bathroom

January 29, 2014

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

I don’t know about you, but for me the bathroom is not a place of relaxation and pampering. My bathroom is windowless and small. I have a tub (combined with shower) but I have taken approximately one bath in it. I have serious bathroom envy. I see photos of¬†spacious rooms, stand-alone soaking tubs, beautiful tile, etc. and I hope I might have that one day. Although at this point I would be thrilled just to have some freaking windows. I love how the above bathroom has a whole wall full of windows, and¬†wow that’s a lot of storage space.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

We need to stop for a moment and appreciate the utter gorgeousness of this bathroom. Talk about luxury. ¬†Those window panes kill me. The matching brass hardware is to die for. Brass is sort of anomaly in my opinion, because on the one hand it is being used liberally by a lot of top designers and bloggers to the point that I worry its popularity may be nearing an end, but at the same time I believe that there are a¬†lot of average home owners who are still appalled by brass and can think of nothing but the 80s when they see it, and not in a good way. I for one am fully on the brass train and I hope to see it stick around for a while. There¬†is¬†bad brass out there for sure. I haven’t been able to articulate what exactly makes some brass finishes good and others bad… I just know it when I see it, haha.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

This bathroom manages to feel both glamorous and rustic, which is usually a combination I enjoy. Crystal chandeliers are pretty much always a good idea. As are gigantic mirrors. The vintage style tile and tub make the space homey and not overly flashy, as do the lovely worn wood pieces. I dig it.

one | Sarah Lavoine via desire to inspire
two | Magnus Marding via desire to inspire
three | Alec Hemer via desire to inspire