Find Your Zen in the Bathroom

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

I don’t know about you, but for me the bathroom is not a place of relaxation and pampering. My bathroom is windowless and small. I have a tub (combined with shower) but I have taken approximately one bath in it. I have serious bathroom envy. I see photos of spacious rooms, stand-alone soaking tubs, beautiful tile, etc. and I hope I might have that one day. Although at this point I would be thrilled just to have some freaking windows. I love how the above bathroom has a whole wall full of windows, and wow that’s a lot of storage space.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

We need to stop for a moment and appreciate the utter gorgeousness of this bathroom. Talk about luxury.  Those window panes kill me. The matching brass hardware is to die for. Brass is sort of anomaly in my opinion, because on the one hand it is being used liberally by a lot of top designers and bloggers to the point that I worry its popularity may be nearing an end, but at the same time I believe that there are a lot of average home owners who are still appalled by brass and can think of nothing but the 80s when they see it, and not in a good way. I for one am fully on the brass train and I hope to see it stick around for a while. There is bad brass out there for sure. I haven’t been able to articulate what exactly makes some brass finishes good and others bad… I just know it when I see it, haha.

Find Your Zen in the Bathroom | |

This bathroom manages to feel both glamorous and rustic, which is usually a combination I enjoy. Crystal chandeliers are pretty much always a good idea. As are gigantic mirrors. The vintage style tile and tub make the space homey and not overly flashy, as do the lovely worn wood pieces. I dig it.

one | Sarah Lavoine via desire to inspire
two | Magnus Marding via desire to inspire
three | Alec Hemer via desire to inspire

Dreamy Bathrooms

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Something about neatly stacked crisp clean towels drives me crazy… in a good way. I own all of two bath towels. (Not including the two I just bought from the dollar store to use for cleaning that are already frayed to hell and leaving lint everywhere. Don’t buy towels from the dollar store.) I dream of a day when I have a dozen plush bath towels in rotation, always a clean one to grab. I’m dreaming big, guys!

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This bathroom is very much up my alley. You positively can not go wrong with white subway tile in my opinion, and I enjoy it with both light and dark grout. The warm wood floor and the lovely dark tub balance out all the white in this room very nicely. And then there’s the ample use of brass hardware: much win. I live for the day I have a brass faucet. It’s possible that I have weird priorities.

Dreamy Bathrooms |

Of the three bathrooms today, this one is what I find most appealing at the moment. Not every home can pull off weathered wood-clad walls, but oh how lovely and unique. It’s also possible that the darker color of this room is appealing to me right now because my eyes are Tired City and I’m squinting at everything bright and light.

SPEAKING OF BATHROOMS. Finally finally FINALLY I have a date set for my tub and shower surround to be ripped out and replaced. And that’s Monday. Eee! For those of you who don’t know, I have had an ongoing slow leak problem for years. Despite many professionals taking a look, we still don’t know with any certainty what the problem is. At any rate my shower is awful and old and needs to be replaced anyway so I am having that done which will hopefully also lead to us pinpointing the leak (which shows up in the kitchen ceiling directly below the tub). Design-wise the new shower is not overly exciting. No luxury tile for this lady, just a good quality vikrell unit. This may not even be worth sharing photos of on the blog, but if I get excited enough I may change my mind. :)

one |  Daniella Witte via my ideal home
two | Ali Cayne, Brittany Ambridge for domino
three | buddha interiors

Dark Walled Bathrooms

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Dark Walled Bathrooms | |

Dark Walled Bathrooms |

How amazing are these? This last one in particular makes me weak in the knees. Black and white, modern fixtures juxtaposed with traditional architecture, and I love the double wide sink extending to both faucets. Oo and the open shelf beneath the sink with neatly stacked towels and magazines. Who doesn’t want to be that glamorous person with the patience to keep neat stacks of towels?

one | 1st Option via nicety
two | Mark D. Sikes for Lonny via Savvy Home
three | via Blood and Champagne

Super Stunning Showers

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I seem to be subconsciously focusing on awesome showers when I select images of bathrooms. This may or may not be related to the fact that my shower is pretty awful and I’m planning to completely gut it. The sad thing is, I don’t have the budget to outfit a new shower with luxurious tile and high-end hardware. But I’m okay with the simple 3-piece unit I’ll be getting. I only plan to live in this condo for a few more years probably, and I doubt any of my neighbors have super flashy showers. Don’t want to over-upgrade, know what I mean? I think prospective buyers will be happy just to have a new, non-leaking shower as opposed to the old mess I have now.

Super Stunning Showers | | Featured on

Oh but one day… one day. I think I would cry little tears of joy if I could have a beautiful bathroom like one of these. A spacious shower is a must, and a timeless tile like white or marble with gray veining. Yes, please please please.

Super Stunning Showers | | Featured on

I find this just breathtaking. Such a generous use of marble. While normally I am not really a fan of stark stripes on walls, this black tile is melting my face off… in a good way. So edgy and interesting and unexpected. I would copy this in a heartbeat.  Can any of you figure out what’s going on with the shower floor there? It looks like there’s a step down, is it a tub? Seems a little unsafe to me.

oneJ. Ingerstedt via dustjacket attic
two | Karlavagen 76 via nicety
three | Bruno Frisoni, photo by François Halard for Vogue, via Shop Talk


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