Stylin’ Bedrooms

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So bold and chic. Quite a bit more pattern and attitude than most people I know can handle. The wallpaper doesn’t feel so busy because of its neutral colors and fairly low contrast. It’s almost more of a texture than a pattern. When mixing patterns it’s good to keep in mind the scale of each pattern. Meaning some patterns are small scale, with small repeating shapes, and others are large scale more like the rug in this room. Patterns work best together if their scale is not too similar. So a smaller scale next to a larger scale will work best. Also: BRASS HEADBOARD yummy.

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This is how you do bright colors, folks. Not on the walls. I mean sure, sometimes bright colors work on the walls but it takes a lot of skill and forethought to pull it off. I prefer neutral walls with colorful decor.

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

Brass brass brass on white white white. Love it.

one | Erin Williamson
two | Rickie Dee via The Design Chaser
threeKatarina Grundströmer via desire to inspire

Simple Chic Bedrooms

Simple Chic Bedrooms | Nate Berkus |

I love how this shot captures the cocooning shadows of this beautiful bedroom. If you want to experiment with dark finishes, the bedroom is an excellent place to start. It’s a room that is supposed to be literally dark the majority of the time anyway, right?

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

Mmm, marble and linen in the same shot. Love it. I’m always a sucker for lightly textured walls like this. It makes this room feel much more soft and luxurious than a simple solid wall color would have.

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

I love this a lot. The wall (and ceiling) paneling is a bold move that works wonders in creating visual interest on an otherwise fairly bare surface. I love the use of mismatched nightstands. My favorite part is the lights. Hanging bedside light is pretty much genius not only for aesthetics but for freeing up space on your nightstand.

one | Nate Berkus for Rue Mag via Abigail Ahern
two | Lisa Cohen for Vogue Living
three | Susan Hable Smith for Elle Decor

Stripped Down Simple Bedrooms

Stripped Down Simple Bedrooms | |

It’s been a busy week for me! I trained someone new at work and now I have today off to catch up on things around the house before I leave tomorrow for a family reunion in Wisconsin. I couldn’t go a whole week without posting some pretty interior shots for you, and I was delighted to find these beautiful, calming images of bedrooms.

Stripped Down Simple Bedrooms | |

Mmm I love me a rough wall. It may not be the most practical texture for a wall. I imagine you’d be hesitant to ever try painting this room if you tired of the white. But the white is beautiful! I’m really swooning over everything in this shot. That amazing floor lamp, the rough bedding, the circle window. Who doesn’t love a circle window?

Stripped Down Simple Bedrooms | featured on

More beautiful rough walls and a stunning window. I’ve really become taken by bedding with that rough, deliberately wrinkled look. Linen would be a good fabric to look for if you like the look too. Apparently linen can actually be incredibly soft despite its appearance, so you’re not sacrificing any comfort. No more ironing ever! And if you follow this bed’s lead you hardly even have to make the bed! Sign me up.

oneMagnus Marding via desire to inspire
two | Lingered Upon via Feel Inspired
three | via Blood and Champagne

Different Ways To Use Color

Different Ways To Use Color | | Featured on

Today I have for you three completely different bedrooms, each of which I love for different reasons and each of which uses color very well. This first bedroom’s approach is “more is more”. It uses a lovely dark gray backdrop and layers in every color of the rainbow. Normally I like more restrained color palettes. In this case it works because the “rainbow” is restricted to smaller accent pieces. The bright colors are also tempered with the sobering gray and the beautifully moody fabric art.

Different Ways To Use Color | | Featured on

You’ve possibly heard the term “monochromatic” before. Monochromatic doesn’t simply mean one color, it means different shades and tones of one color. Monochromatic color schemes get kind of a bad rap. The term is often used in a negative way, and if you go monochrome with beige, then yeah it can be pretty bad. But please believe me, monochrome can be absolutely stunning, as this room so wonderfully demonstrates. Monochromatic schemes are very restful to the eye. They provide a sense of harmony. In the case of this feminine pink room, monochrome is anything but boring; it’s friggin lovely.

Different Ways To Use Color | | Featured on

Color does not have to be everywhere and it certainly doesn’t have to be on the walls for a room to feel colorful and dynamic. Keep this in mind when furnishing your home. It is so much easier to start with a neutral wall and neutral furniture and add it color with smaller pieces like pillows, blankets, flowers, and art. Of course the occasional colorful statement piece like this room’s armchair can be very fun too. :)

one | The Woodsfolk, photo by Brooke Holm for The Design Files
two | Angie Hranowski for Lonny via Savvy Home
three | photo by Ross Honeysett via desire to inspire


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