Simple Style for the Bedroom

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

It doesn’t take much to make this bedroom feel so classy. The winners for me are that wonderful industrial style sconce (an excellent solution if you don’t have room on a bedside table for a lamp) and the plants. Over and over again I see how much life and texture plants bring to a room and yet I’m still still totally failing at using them in my own home.

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

This is just simple loveliness at its best. While stylistically it’s a little tame for my tastes, I love all the texture in the window treatments and bedding. I also completely approve of unmade beds, you just need the right kind of bedding to make it look romantic and casual instead of just a mess. Say yes to linen.

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

Ah yes there’s the touch of edginess I was craving. Not only are the walls dark, they’re textured which is a treatment I love almost every time I see it. It seems like something that would be harder to pull off than it looks though. Eye catching art and layers and layers of what looks like a treasured collection of blankets and pillows make this bedroom cozy and unique.

P.S. I went temporarily insane earlier this week and painted my entryway and living room all by myself in just two days. FINALLY. I am currently grappling with how to rehang art (I tired of the gallery wall arrangement I had previously) so I will probably wait until I’ve got that figured out to share the before and after with you. Eeee!

one | Miss Clara Hotel by Est Magazine via dustjacket attic
two | Ali Harper via dustjacket attic
three | Sibella Court via the design files

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

I am a big fan of simple, textural, layered bedding. I love the relaxed, unfussy look of linen and a soft chunky throw blanket on top. Without a headboard something was needed to anchor this bed and giant framed art fits the bill beautifully. It isn’t always easy or affordable to procure art this large, so try thinking out of the box by searching for art posters (like these), wall murals (like this), tapestries, or by having an image blown up at a copy shop.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

Painting your bedroom walls dark is a sure fire way to make the room cozy and dramatic. Be sure to balance it with lighter elements (like the rug, light shade, and artwork in this room). Rather than using one large ceiling fixture, several smaller lights such as table lamps create flattering, comforting light in small pools throughout a room.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

A couple of standout, stylish pieces elevates a whole room. This lovely modern side table is an eye catcher that along with the unusual lamp proves functional pieces can and should be beautiful too. If you’re working with a tight budget for bedroom furniture, I’d say save money on the bed frame and get something simple that will just be covered by bedding all the time anyway. Then pick either nightstands or a dresser to be your “standout” furniture item and spend a little more on that. Let your standout item be the star by styling it up and making sure it’s well lit. If there’s money left don’t forget art for the walls! Art will instantly make the room feel “decorated” and personal.

one | Joanna Lavén and Idha Lindhag via dustjacket attic
two | Romain Ricard via 79 ideas
three | Eric Piasecki via desire to inspire

Stylin’ Bedrooms

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

So bold and chic. Quite a bit more pattern and attitude than most people I know can handle. The wallpaper doesn’t feel so busy because of its neutral colors and fairly low contrast. It’s almost more of a texture than a pattern. When mixing patterns it’s good to keep in mind the scale of each pattern. Meaning some patterns are small scale, with small repeating shapes, and others are large scale more like the rug in this room. Patterns work best together if their scale is not too similar. So a smaller scale next to a larger scale will work best. Also: BRASS HEADBOARD yummy.

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

This is how you do bright colors, folks. Not on the walls. I mean sure, sometimes bright colors work on the walls but it takes a lot of skill and forethought to pull it off. I prefer neutral walls with colorful decor.

Stylin' Bedrooms | |

Brass brass brass on white white white. Love it.

one | Erin Williamson
two | Rickie Dee via The Design Chaser
threeKatarina Grundströmer via desire to inspire

Simple Chic Bedrooms

Simple Chic Bedrooms | Nate Berkus |

I love how this shot captures the cocooning shadows of this beautiful bedroom. If you want to experiment with dark finishes, the bedroom is an excellent place to start. It’s a room that is supposed to be literally dark the majority of the time anyway, right?

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

Mmm, marble and linen in the same shot. Love it. I’m always a sucker for lightly textured walls like this. It makes this room feel much more soft and luxurious than a simple solid wall color would have.

Simple Chic Bedrooms | |

I love this a lot. The wall (and ceiling) paneling is a bold move that works wonders in creating visual interest on an otherwise fairly bare surface. I love the use of mismatched nightstands. My favorite part is the lights. Hanging bedside light is pretty much genius not only for aesthetics but for freeing up space on your nightstand.

one | Nate Berkus for Rue Mag via Abigail Ahern
two | Lisa Cohen for Vogue Living
three | Susan Hable Smith for Elle Decor


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