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Serene Bedrooms (and an Announcement!)

September 3, 2015

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I have a little announcement for anyone in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area. I’m opening my own antiques booth! This idea occurred to me several months ago, but it didn’t feel like the right time then. Then a couple weeks ago I learned about some changes being made at my day job, and my first thought was that the right time had come. I did a little research and ended up signing up for a booth at Vintage Plus More! I’ll be stocking my booth tonight, just in time for the store’s 2 year anniversary party tomorrow.

To be real with you, I have no idea how lucrative this endeavor will be, but I am hopeful. Some of you may recall I attempted selling vintage a few years ago with an Etsy shop. I had a lot of fun with that, but I found that I did not have the time (or patience) to really make it profitable. Particularly with selling online there are so many steps you have to take with every single item: photographing, measuring, writing descriptions, determining postage costs, purchasing shipping supplies, and actually shipping things. It’s a lot. Now the internet of course has the advantage of giving you a potentially worldwide audience, so it’s got that going for it. But I’m really excited to give a brick and mortar store a try! Shopping, especially shopping for vintage home decor, is probably my number one favorite thing to do. So if I can work out a way to make even a little bit of income doing that, I’ll be living the dream.

Here’s an Instagram sneak peek of some of the items I was tagging last night. If you’re in the area I do hope you can check Vintage Plus More out, look for Booth #43! 🙂

Very excited about what I’m preparing for right now. Sneak peek. 😉 #vintage

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Bedroom Home Products

Gray & Brass Bedroom: Current Loves 04

June 11, 2015


I slapped together some products I’ve been loving lately and a bedroom emerged. (I say slapped together but this took me hours, ha.) What do you think, does this mix of sleek brass and natural gray and black work? I want to throw a gigantic black blanket with pom pom edges over that bed, cover up some of that white. And fill those empty shelves with books and antiques. And hang some dramatic floor to ceiling drapery. I’m getting carried away here, clearly I’m in a decorating mood!

pendant lights | interior homescapes $290
jellyfish art | Alexander Semenov $25+
console table | birch lane $899
table lamp | west elm $169
potted plants | ikea $6 each
bed frame | west elm $799+
floral pillow | society social $155
cream tassled pillow | h&m sold out
side table | west elm $199
pom pom bed cover | bohem $185
basket | connected artisans $56
floor lamp | horchow $590


Bedrooms To Spend All Day In

April 2, 2015

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

It has been a little too long since I last blogged and for that I apologize although those of you with keen memories may recall that I am getting married next month holy crap. Pretty much as soon as I realized it was March my brain went severely into wedding mode and almost all of my free time has been spent on either planning or decompressing from all the planning. I have missed so much in the blog world and today I dipped my toe back in and remembered why I love reading and writing about interior design! There’s something about beautiful images that I find so therapeutic. Even though I’m not lying in that perfectly undone bed, imagining it is calming and puts a smile on my face.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

One of my favorite things to do is scroll through my Pinterest pins because it puts me in such a delicious, mellow, inspired mood. Obviously I love photos of interiors but all sorts of things inspire me so today I thought I’d interject a little bit to flesh out the visual story of this post and give you some more pretty things to enjoy.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

It seems most people could use more sleep than they’re getting and I am no exception. A long vacation spent lounging on a gorgeous bed like this sounds about right.

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

Bedrooms To Spend All Day In | |

Ready for that nap yet?

one | Brigette Muller
two & fourAnna Ławska + Piotr Czyż via Miss Moss
three | desire to inspire
five | sf girl by bay


Cozy Bedrooms

December 16, 2014

Cozy Bedrooms | |

These images are mocking me today because the only place I feel like being is in bed. I was bit by a cat (not my own) two days ago, which might not sound like a big deal but deep cat bites can get infected very easily. According to the doctor I saw 85% of them do. Fortunately so far I am not seeing signs of a serious infection, and I’m taking antibiotics to keep it that way. The worst part has been the pain in my arm from a tetanus shot. I feel rather pitiful.

Cozy Bedrooms | Petra Bindel and Emma Persson Lagerberg |

I am enamored with “messy” beds. Certainly someone did take the time to style these photos but it’s not too hard to pull off the half-fixed bed look especially if you have bedding that works well for it. I registered for some nice black linen bedding and I’m so hoping we receive it. That would be a major upgrade from the cover-less white duvet and scratchy pink blanket we’re currently using.

Cozy Bedrooms | |

This bedroom is a little too pristine looking for me but all is forgiven when black walls, fuzzy throws, and hints of brass are involved. Phenomenal use of varying textures here.

one | The Design Files
two | Petra Bindel and Emma Persson Lagerberg via blood and champagne
three | Holiday House Hamptoms via dustjacket attic


Simple Style for the Bedroom

July 9, 2014

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

It doesn’t take much to make this bedroom feel so classy. The winners for me are that wonderful industrial style sconce (an excellent solution if you don’t have room on a bedside table for a lamp) and the plants. Over and over again I see how much life and texture plants bring to a room and yet I’m still still totally failing at using them in my own home.

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

This is just simple loveliness at its best. While stylistically it’s a little tame for my tastes, I love all the texture in the window treatments and bedding. I also completely approve of unmade beds, you just need the right kind of bedding to make it look romantic and casual instead of just a mess. Say yes to linen.

Simple Style for the Bedroom | |

Ah yes there’s the touch of edginess I was craving. Not only are the walls dark, they’re textured which is a treatment I love almost every time I see it. It seems like something that would be harder to pull off than it looks though. Eye catching art and layers and layers of what looks like a treasured collection of blankets and pillows make this bedroom cozy and unique.

P.S. I went temporarily insane earlier this week and painted my entryway and living room all by myself in just two days. FINALLY. I am currently grappling with how to rehang art (I tired of the gallery wall arrangement I had previously) so I will probably wait until I’ve got that figured out to share the before and after with you. Eeee!

one | Miss Clara Hotel by Est Magazine via dustjacket attic
two | Ali Harper via dustjacket attic
three | Sibella Court via the design files


Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom

May 14, 2014

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

I am a big fan of simple, textural, layered bedding. I love the relaxed, unfussy look of linen and a soft chunky throw blanket on top. Without a headboard something was needed to anchor this bed and giant framed art fits the bill beautifully. It isn’t always easy or affordable to procure art this large, so try thinking out of the box by searching for art posters (like these), wall murals (like this), tapestries, or by having an image blown up at a copy shop.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

Painting your bedroom walls dark is a sure fire way to make the room cozy and dramatic. Be sure to balance it with lighter elements (like the rug, light shade, and artwork in this room). Rather than using one large ceiling fixture, several smaller lights such as table lamps create flattering, comforting light in small pools throughout a room.

Ideas For A Beautiful Bedroom | |

A couple of standout, stylish pieces elevates a whole room. This lovely modern side table is an eye catcher that along with the unusual lamp proves functional pieces can and should be beautiful too. If you’re working with a tight budget for bedroom furniture, I’d say save money on the bed frame and get something simple that will just be covered by bedding all the time anyway. Then pick either nightstands or a dresser to be your “standout” furniture item and spend a little more on that. Let your standout item be the star by styling it up and making sure it’s well lit. If there’s money left don’t forget art for the walls! Art will instantly make the room feel “decorated” and personal.

one | Joanna Lavén and Idha Lindhag via dustjacket attic
two | Romain Ricard via 79 ideas
three | Eric Piasecki via desire to inspire