A Home In The Country

A Home In The Country | pineandcuttlebones.com | design-vox.com

I am forever daydreaming about moving to the country. Fresh air, open fields, long country roads, and beautiful country homes that show their age and offer a simplicity and sense of calm. Just being surrounded by more nature would improve my daily mood.

A Home In The Country | design-vox.com

I’m not quite as in to all white rooms as I used to be but this collection of white serving dishes and linen is a dream. Because everybody needs three big soup tureens and four matching pitchers, right?

A Home In The Country | flickr.com/photos/felixgein/ | design-vox.comA Home In The Country | blog.freepeople.com | design-vox.com

I’m not the only one that positively swoons over ragged old perfectly aged architecture, am I? I wish there were any homes as old and classy as this where I live. The US is just too young of a country. I want more old things. I realized that so many of my favorite Etsy shops are selling vintage items from Europe, particularly France. That’s where all the good old stuff is.

A Home In The Country | archdaily.com | design-vox.com

Although some new build homes in the country are pretty alluring too!

A Home In The Country | design-vox.com

I hope your weekend is as warm and comfortable as these images make me feel!

one | Pine & Cuttlebones
twoJeanne d’Arc Living
threeFelix van de Gein via blood and champagne
four | Free People Blog
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The Beauty of Old Things

The Beauty of Old Things | studiomrs.com | design-vox.com

Lately I’m finding myself drawn to old things. Old objects, old furniture, old architecture. Even if something isn’t genuinely antique but it’s made in that style, chances are I’ll favor it. Sometimes new things are just too shiny and pristine. They don’t have the same character and depth.

The Beauty of Old Things | thedesignfiles.net| design-vox.com

Starting with an older building makes a huge difference in accomplishing this sort of lived-in vintage look. I had a bit of a moment yesterday when I was thinking about this and realized that when Chris and I start looking for our next home I am probably going to have a mental struggle with the age of the homes. I’m fully aware that the older a home the more likely it will have all sorts of problems and be a headache, but I can’t picture myself in some cookie-cutter brand new digs either. We’ll have to find some sort of happy medium, I suppose. Man would I love some original crown molding though.

The Beauty of Old Things | Sibella Court| design-vox.com

We stopped at a local bookstore yesterday and of course I wandered over to the interior design books. There was a used copy of “Really Rural” that I kept picking up. The photos of the few remaining (in the ’90s) authentically rural homes in the French countryside were so enchanting. We’re talking seriously rustic homes with stone walls and fire pits in the kitchen. There is a part of me that would happily move into a home like that and spend my days cooking and cleaning and tending a garden. As long as there’s wi-fi. Got to have wi-fi. (P.S. Apparently you can rent the above home from Sibella Court?! Oh my. I was just drooling over one of her books at the store yesterday.)

one | Studio MRS via desire to inspire
two | The Design Files via Design Stiles
three | Sibella Court via blood and champagne

Classy Christmas

Classy Christmas | inspiredbythis.com | design-vox.com | #christmas #decorations

If you haven’t done so yet it’s officially time to bust out the Christmas decorations! My favorite holiday decor is typically on the subtle side. A lot of the traditional holiday decoration that you can get leaves my eyeballs a little bit upset, to put it delicately. Give me all the gold, white, and twinkle lights you have. Hold the overdose of jarring red and creepy Santa figurines.

Classy Christmas | egetrom.no | design-vox.com | #christmas #decorations

Why not put a wreath over your bed? I love the moody Christmas feel of this bedroom shot. If I was ever going to have “holiday” bedding, it would be something in this vein.

Classy Christmas | stylizimoblog.com | design-vox.com | #christmas #decorations

Cloches always win. End of story. Deer are my favorite festive animal.

Classy Christmas | nicolefranzen.blogspot.com | design-vox.com | #christmas #decorations

This basic boxwood wreath is striking against the dark door. Sometimes simplicity is the most beautiful thing. I mean seriously, do a Google image search for “Christmas wreath” and tell me if a single one of those results is as lovely as this one? No, they are not. Folks need to lay off the bows and fake pine cones sometimes, am I right?

one | Inspired By This
twoHelle Tjaberg
three | Stylizmo
four | La Buena Vida

The Beauty in Quirky

The Beauty in Quirky | milkmagazine.net | design-vox.com

The interior design images I am most consistently enthralled by are the quirky ones. The ones full of personality and bold pieces. The ones that give you the impression that the person that lives there is cuckoo in the best possible way. This of course should be tempered with a certain level of taste and grounded with some timeless elements. I say that somewhat reluctantly because truly I believe you should decorate in whatever way makes you happiest, even if many might not call it tasteful. You do you. Especially if that includes little clothed duck dolls perched inside a glass cloche display.

The Beauty in Quirky | lonny.com | design-vox.com

There are not many who have the gumption to use a wallpaper like this. I don’t think I do. But man do I respect it. You can see that the entire room is not wallpapered (at least the wall to the left is white) which was definitely a good call. Stepping into a whole room of that might feel like what I imagine taking acid feels like. The floor is also a clean white, so clearly these folks understand the benefit of balancing quirky with timeless. The Andy Warhol hearts artwork perfectly breaks up the wall of flowers creating a welcome break and focal point for your eyes.

The Beauty in Quirky | oldbrandnewblog.com | design-vox.com

This bedroom vignette isn’t too wacky, but it definitely has personality to spare. Can we talk about the “cat” artwork with a man’s face superimposed over the cat’s? So silly and usual, and undoubtedly can make a person smile every time they see it. I’m realizing that that table lamp is a lot like one I just bought for a song at the antiques mall. It’s also a brass base but in a different shape. Didn’t come with a shade. I popped a vintage style Edison bulb on it and suddenly it’s the most charming little table lamp you ever did see. The base literally cost like two bucks. When I saw the price tag I said out loud to myself, “Why yes I will buy you for two dollars adorable little table lamp!” Please tell me I’m not the only one that gets goofy at the antique store.

one | Milk via desire to inspire
two | Lonny via desire to inspire
three | Old Brand New


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