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I sure do love a good dose of quirk in interior design. Fuschia pink walls? Not for the faint of heart, to be sure, but it gives this space so much vibrancy and playfulness. Add some vintage cat art and you’ve clearly got a homeowner who doesn’t give a damn, in the best possible way.

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Ah yes, what was I saying about vintage art? Kitsch can be just very very bad… but it can also be a perfect moment of humor and levity. It is not easy to pull off though. Notice how all these pieces share the same basic color palette. This ties them together and keeps the arrangement from looking too cuckoo crazy. There’s a trace of theme (dogs and portraits) but it doesn’t have to be overly rigid. Truly this just takes probably years of collecting and practice mixing together gallery walls until you get really good at it. Something I have not accomplished yet, by the way.

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Alright if fuchsia walls or kitsch art is too much for you, quirkiness can be found in much smaller and equally pleasing doses. I don’t believe I’ve ever mentioned that I am quite the Star Trek fan. You can bet when I saw this image the first thing I did was google “Worf pencil cup” to no avail. (It’s actually a mug made in the ’90s and yes, they probably made all the characters. It’s a good thing I don’t have a stronger collector bug.)

one Julie Ansiau via desire to inspire
two | Hannah Metz via The Selby
three | Jim Franco

Cozy and a Little Bohemian

Cozy and a Little Bohemian | isabelwilsonworld.com | design-vox.com

Relaxed fabrics, a gentle breeze, and as many potted plants as can fit. Does this photo relax you as much as it does me?

Cozy and a Little Bohemian | ingridweir.com.au | design-vox.com

I just love the irreverence of this. Not many of us can pull off such a time-worn look with partially painted walls. I find shots like this so inspiring. It forces you to stop and consider the fact that someone lives here, and they love it, and why not? It’s so easy to allow your home to be cookie-cutter. It takes much more courage and inventiveness to push the boundaries and try something different and exciting.

Cozy and a Little Bohemian | insideways.com | design-vox.com

Let’s be honest. This is lovely but it’s really all about those adorable cuddling kitties. Talk about cozy. A cat or two is still my most favorite decor.

one | Isabel Wilson via SF Girl by Bay
two | Ingrid Weir via Design*Sponge
three | Jen of Insideways

How To Decorate If You’re Afraid of Color

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color | design-vox.com

If you’re afraid of using color in your decor, my first piece of advice would be to push yourself. That doesn’t mean go out and buy a pink sofa or bright green curtains. You can easily introduce small bits of color into your home with accessories. My second piece of advice would be to take a cue from these photographs I’m sharing today. Rooms with very little color can easily come off as sterile, lifeless, or boring. But they can also be incredibly classy and beautiful if done well. The most surefire way to introduce a bit of easy color while also staving off the “lifeless” adjective is with plant life. Green leaves are practically a neutral our eyes are so accustomed to them.

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color | design-vox.com

Another excellent trick to making a beautiful room with little color is to use oodles of texture. Varying textures have a very similar effect visually to varying colors. This room is anything but boring despite it’s monochromatic scheme because of the collected and personal vibe of its decor. Can you imagine how different it would be if they’d hung art from Bed Bath & Beyond?

How To Decorate If You're Afraid of Color | yellowtrace.com.au | design-vox.com

Another way to up the wow factor without relying on vibrant colors is to try dark colors. I love this wall color. It’s the perfect sort of medium blue-gray that will take on different tones depending on the lighting. Exactly the kind of color I’d like to try in my own home!

one | via blood & champagne
two | via nicety
three | via Yellow Trace

Chic Christmas Decor

Christmas decorations can be a tricky thing. It can get garish real fast. I always love seeing chic Christmas decor. What makes it chic? That’s definitely a matter of opinion but for me it’s the following:

  • It’s not just an explosion of green and red. Yes those are traditional Christmas colors and they can be lovely, but you don’t have to use them to make a space feel festive. And if you do use them it can be in fairly small doses, balanced out with lots of lovely neutrals or my favorite, gold.
  • Less is often more. Covering every inch of your home may be your thing, but I love a little more minimalist take on the holidays. Something as simple as a single evergreen branch can transform a room (as you’ll see below.)

I wish I had a third bullet point but I don’t. Those two really covered it. Of course all that really matters is that you enjoy the holidays and hopefully get to see some loved ones. I hope you all have a fabulous holiday season!

Christmas Floral Arrangement by House of Earnest

Set of 6 // Himmeli Ornaments / Modern Hanging Mobile / Geometric Sculpture / Minimalist Home Decor by HRUSKAA on Etsy

Holiday Table by Remodelista

Christmas Tabletop by The Lettered Cottage

Christmas Details by suvi sur le vif


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