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Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

August 13, 2015

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room | The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

The home of Daria Souvorova via Design*Sponge.

I thought I’d try something new today and pull together a “get the look” round up of products inspired by the above vintage farmhouse chic dining room. Too many adjectives? Possibly. But it really is all those things. When searching for these products it became clear that to really get this look you have to use a lot of vintage, nothing can replace that age and character. So for several items I’m including both a new and vintage option for your consideration.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chandelier $320 | Vintage Chandelier $1,300
Art by Valdas Misevičius | Frames by Framebridge
New Table $250 | Vintage Table $650

To find chandeliers like this, search for “Williamsburg chandelier”. I don’t particularly love most chandeliers in this style but the unique detail on that vintage number definitely caught my eye. These chandeliers also totally lend themselves to modernization. They can be spraypainted (both the body and/or the faux candlesticks), and the bulbs can be switched out for round bulbs which completely changes the personality of the piece.

Get The Look: Vintage Farmhouse Chic Dining Room

New Chair 1 $260/pair | New Chair 2 $170 | New Chair 3 $149
Vintage Chair Set 1 $275 | Vintage Chair Set 2 $1,200
Rug $1,135 | Trunk $510

When searching for chairs like this try “windsor”, “bentwood”, and “farmhouse”. Or if you love that vintage set of 6 as much as I do add “Thonet”. The rug is a “Geometric Kazak Oriental Rug”. This very charming type of trunk can be found looking for “barrel stave wood trunk”. A lot of these items can be found at antique stores, flea markets, and even thrift stores. Happy searching!

So what do you think? Did I replicate the inspiration room pretty well? Would you like to see more posts like this? Let me know! 🙂

Dining Room

Boldly Awesome Dining Rooms

January 22, 2015

Boldly Awesome Dining Rooms | Jonathan Adler |

Awesome art collection. Awesome chairs. Just awesome. This is a great example of colorful accessories keeping white walls far from boring.

Boldly Awesome Dining Rooms | |

I’m not sure which aspect of this space I like best: the perfectly pink drapery or the incredible gold chairs.

Boldly Awesome Dining Rooms | |

I am madly in love with the wall paint in this room. You know I love deep moody grays and I would be just as happy if the dark color extended all the way to the ceiling, but this two-tone look creates easy visual interest. It’s a modern paint treatment that ties in with the modern dining table and chairs while the rest of room feels deliciously antique and time-worm. The only thing I would change is that particular shade of fuchsia upholstery is not doing it for me. Maybe coral or gold or burnt orange. What do you think?

one | Jonathan Adler via Abigail Ahern
two | Emily Henderson
threeDirk Jan Kinet via desire to inspire

Dining Room

Gorgeous Dining Rooms

October 10, 2014

Gorgeous Dining Rooms | |

For some reason it has been just shy of a year since I posted any dining room photos. Where all the luscious dining rooms at? Well here’s a few for you. I just love this room’s simple, understated look that still feels personal and special. And the way they hung the art from strings attached to the ceiling? Such a neat idea that adds subtle visual interest. And when in doubt, add some pink flowers.

Gorgeous Dining Rooms | |

My mind is slightly boggled by all the different wood tones here. It can be a little scary mixing woods but time and again I see examples of it working beautifully.

Gorgeous Dining Rooms | |

I adore this. Creamy white walls paired with black window frames is a big win. I honestly love everything about this room. Get in my house!

one | Virginia MacDonald via desire to inspire
two | Jessica Helgerson Interior Design, Lincoln Barbour, via dustjacket attic
three | Blair Harris via desire to inspire

Dining Room

I’m engaged!

October 29, 2013

I meant to say this in my post last week and somehow completely forgot. I got engaged! On October 18 my sweet Chris asked me to marry him and of course I said yes. As you can imagine, wedding planning has already started to take over a good part of my brain. We have a couple appointments to tour possible venues this week! Originally we were hoping for a date in October 2014 but so far all of the venues I’ve inquired to are completely booked for 2014… so we’re realizing it might have to be some time in 2015. Neither of us really want to wait that long but on the other hand it does give me more time to figure things out and save up!


Hopefully wedding planning won’t completely take over my life to the point that I can’t still blog at least once a week. It’s been about two and a half years since I started design-vox and despite my sporadic posting I still really enjoy blogging and finding awesome images to share. I’m still kind of surprised that there’s anyone out there who even reads this, haha.  Thank you for being one of those people! 🙂

Bertrand Benoit |

Of course I’m not going to leave you without some inspiration today. The architecture in the above room is really what makes it so amazing. Those floors. I am super super SUPER over chevron, like I can not handle it on a pillow or backsplash to save my life. But something about a more subtle use of it in beautiful dark wood flooring is permissible to me. I don’t pretend to understand the whims of my own taste in patterns.

Katie Tarses for One Kings Lane |

This is amazing on so many levels. Again, the architecture is fantastic with those high ceilings and beautiful arched window/doors. The element that really makes this design stand out as unique is the excessive use of rugs, which have actually been stitched together. It adds so much to the room. It’s opulent, bold, and playful at the same time. You can see little bits of the red tile floor underneath, and I’m wondering if the intent was to cover that up as much as possible, haha. It doesn’t look overly attractive from what I can see. Would you ever use this many rugs in one space?

Design Within Reach |

This is something I can really get behind. I would love love love to have this dining space in my home. Simple white walls, comfy modern chairs, abundant natural light, and of course that chandelier. Wowee wow. The only thing I would change is the rug, it seems a little dumpy and out of place to me. Let’s get something supah chic and luxe on that floor please.

oneBertrand Benoit
two | Katie Tarses for One Kings Lane via Amber Interiors
three | Design Within Reach via dustjacket attic

Dining Room

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room

September 25, 2013

pi·zazz [puh-zaz] 1. energy; vitality; vigor.
2. attractive style; dash; flair.

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | |

Pizzazz isn’t a word I use often. But it’s a good one. The dining room is an excellent opportunity to push the boundaries of your own personal glam factor. I’m sure some of you must hate the above room, and not too long ago I would have said the same thing. But if I’ve learned anything from exploring the varied world of interior design over the last few years it’s that wacky can be wonderful and often the loudest, boldest, most unexpected spaces are the most fun and invigorating. We can certainly take some pizzazz pointers from this room.

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | |

Less crazy, but still exciting and bold. Let’s be real here: the absolute best part of this room bar none is the amazing chandelier that looks like it was custom made for this ceiling. Or possibly the ceiling was custom made for the chandelier. Either way: wowza. A statement chandelier is a sure fire way to add flair to a room!

Pizzazz Inspiration for the Dining Room | |

Now this is something that I both love and could live with. Even if you don’t have stunning architecture working for you there are ideas to be stolen here. We have a statement chandelier again. Round tables are not as common and therefore visually interesting. The beautiful dark teal walls are dramatic and feel particularly masculine when juxtaposed with leather and steel. Filling the walls with art instantly makes this space personal. The strong masculine feel is perfectly thrown off balance by a simple pink bouquet. It is astonishing the difference flowers can make.

So what do you think? Ready to add some pizzazz to your dining room?

one | Susan Hable, Richard Powers for Elle Decor, via Dicordia Design
two | de Gournay via My White Room
three | Nate Berkus

Dining Room

Casual Dining

July 31, 2013

Casual Dining | |

Mid-Century Modern furniture lends itself to an easy, casual vibe. That credenza in particular is pretty dang handsome. The plant on the windowsill also contributes to the laid back attitude with its sprawling natural form. The chandelier busts in with some ornate shimmer to mix things up. Well played.

Casual Dining | |

While there’s nothing simple about this little dining space, it still feels very casual largely because it only seats two people. I’ve never really thought about how nice it could be to have a secondary dining area designed to seat no more than two or three. It creates such an easy sense of intimacy. I mean, plenty of people have little breakfast nooks but they often seem to be neglected and not thought of as a big design opportunity. This proves that a table for two can be a really special thing!

Casual Dining | |

Cozy central over here. Benches are a sure fire way to make things feel casual, even paired with fancier chairs. And of course art is a huge force in setting the tone of a room. That adorable polar bear adds such a sweet playfulness to this lovely space.

one | Stadshem via Feel Inspired
two | Miles Redd
three | Estee Stanley, photo by Laure Joliet, via Because It’s Awesome