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Mid-Century Modern furniture lends itself to an easy, casual vibe. That credenza in particular is pretty dang handsome. The plant on the windowsill also contributes to the laid back attitude with its sprawling natural form. The chandelier busts in with some ornate shimmer to mix things up. Well played.

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While there’s nothing simple about this little dining space, it still feels very casual largely because it only seats two people. I’ve never really thought about how nice it could be to have a secondary dining area designed to seat no more than two or three. It creates such an easy sense of intimacy. I mean, plenty of people have little breakfast nooks but they often seem to be neglected and not thought of as a big design opportunity. This proves that a table for two can be a really special thing!

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Cozy central over here. Benches are a sure fire way to make things feel casual, even paired with fancier chairs. And of course art is a huge force in setting the tone of a room. That adorable polar bear adds such a sweet playfulness to this lovely space.

one | Stadshem via Feel Inspired
two | Miles Redd
three | Estee Stanley, photo by Laure Joliet, via Because It’s Awesome

Drama In The Dining Room

Quick shout-out: My day was absolutely made when I saw HouseBeautiful chose my blog post “Fancy Ceiling Details” to feature in their Top 5 Blog Posts of the Week. Little old me?! I am giddy and beyond honored.

Drama In The Dining Room | | Featured on

Dining rooms are such a great opportunity to go BOLD. Something about them is just well suited to dramatic moments and showcase pieces. The above room has a fantastic chandelier, the likes of which I’ve admired for a long time. I love the water drop-like glass. I’ve seen many versions of these lights, here is one by Robert Abbey.

Drama In The Dining Room | | Featured on

If glamorous chandeliers aren’t your thing (Really? How can they not be your thing?), you could opt for a stunning statement with your table and/or chairs.  This table looks like a woodsman hacked it right out of a tree with a few swings of his ax. Such an intriguing and lovely rustic piece. The chairs with their antique form are a wonderful match to the table. Though they’re quite a different style they seem perfectly at home.

Drama In The Dining Room | | Featured on

And shabam. Can you even handle this drama? A big ol’ fancy chandelier really is the easiest route to waking up your dining room. This space takes it further with a unique and huge wooden table and the most loveliest of muted lavender rugs. I would switch out the chairs, these seem cheap and out of place. Then plonk some vibrant flowers on the table to top it off. What do you think, would you change anything?

one | Jessica Helgerson, photo by Lincoln Barbour, via desire to inspire
two | Magnus Marding via desire to inspire
three | Skona Hem via 79 ideas

Neutral Sophisticated Design

dining050113 01

This is the slickest, hippest restaurant design I’ve seen in a long while. The elements here could easily translate into residential design. It’s wonderfully masculine and modern with industrial lighting, geometric wallpaper, and smooth leather-like upholstery. Don’t you think it’s so great how they’ve brought in throw pillows? It gives the space a homey touch.

dining050113 02

A strong Scandinavian vibe provides sophistication in this dining space. How about that incredibly tall potted plant? I love how it is simple in form but makes such a statement because of the scale. The concept is mimicked with the candlestick.

dining050113 03

Speaking of playing with scale! The enormous Chinese lantern is not even my favorite part of this room but it sure is fun. I wasn’t quite sure if this is a dining room or living room… how often can you say that? In this case I love the ambiguity. Turns out is in fact a living room, though I’m sure it would happily do double-duty. I have a feeling this is a love it or hate it kind of room. Which is it for you? I love it. That rug is fabulous, the architecture is stunning, the furniture arrangement is unexpected, and there’s a swan.

one // Café Artcurial designed by Agence Charles Zana, photo by Jacques Pépion, via Yatzer
two // photographed by Anita Calero via desire to inspire
three // the home of Mats Gustafson, photographed by Magnus Marding for NY Times

Different Kinds of Elegance

dining031113 01

When I was pulling images together today I was struck by how these dining rooms are fairly different in style and yet I would classify them all as “elegant”. I think elegance is a great direction to go in for a dining room. For many people it’s one of the more formal areas of the home where you want guests to feel comfortable and pampered. The above room is very modern with its slick surfaces and angular lines. I’ve always loved the look of the Eames molded plastic chairs, especially with wood dowel legs like these ones. (Though I sat in an imitation once and it was about as uncomfortable as it looks; maybe the real deal is better.) This room’s simplicity and gorgeous finishes exude good taste.

dining031113 02

This room is probably the most “classically” elegant of the bunch with its strong traditional influence. Dramatic molding, a glimmering yet tasteful chandelier, tonal drapery that adds depth to the design without shouting for attention. That and much more make for a very elegant room.

dining031113 03

Less classic, more quirky, still beautiful. A lovely dining set gets shaken up by a bold modern armchair in mint green. Naturalistic plant arrangements feel less stuffy than a traditional bouquet, but no less elegant. I’ll admit I am not the biggest fan of this type of chandelier, but I do like how it adds a punch to the design. Which of these elegant rooms is your favorite? I’m having a hard time choosing!

one // photographed by Sharyn Cairns via homelife
two // Gluckstein Home
three // photographed by Nicole Franzen


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